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Traditional music performances from NCPR


Queen Jane performed by Sara Cleveland

Sara Cleveland was a nationally-famous ballad singer of her generation. We hear her version of the British ballad Queen Jane, the only known recording from a US source. Her son Jim and grandaughter Colleen carry on the family ballad tradition.  Go to full article

From the Vault: Makin' Bacon and friends live at WTSC On-Air Coffeehouse

Once a North Country favorite, the bluegrass band Makin' Bacon plays some tunes at the WTSC-FM live on-the-air coffeehouse on Clarkson's campus in this hour-long "North Country Music" recording. They are followed by more music from: Mary Ann Casale - guitar, vocals and mountain dulcimer; Joe Delile - guitar; and Robin Dow - guitar and background vocals.  Go to full article
Band sketch by Matt Gordon, from their 1980 LP <i>Backroad Breakdown</i>.
Band sketch by Matt Gordon, from their 1980 LP Backroad Breakdown.

From the Vault: St. Regis River Valley String Band in Concert c. 1975

The North Country's very own St. Regis River Valley String Band, featuring Dave Danks, Linda Danks, Bruce Foley, Billy Thatcher and Theresa Broadwell, plays traditional tunes and answers host Jackie Sauter's questions about the origins of their group, the inspiration for their music and their aspirations for the future.  Go to full article

From the Vault: 1974 Annual Russell Fiddlers' Contest

Host Jackie Sauter takes listeners to the small town of Russell, NY, and the Russell School gymnasium for the 1974 4th annual Russell Fiddlers' Contest, sponsored by the Russell Grange. Hear details from one of the contest judges; listen as Master of Ceremonies Merlin Childs, a well-known North Country square dance caller, introduces contestants; and delight in the traditional tunes of old-timers and new-comers.  Go to full article

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