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In cyberspace, it's perfectly OK to draw on the walls.

The UpNorth Gallery is our home for the visual arts. There is a formal gallery, with selections from area shows curated by arts professionals. We would also like to establish a more informal mantlepiece / refrigerator door / scrapbook for work by students and enthusiasts of all ages and talents.

Photos, drawings, paintings—any medium is fine—as long as you can stuff it into your computer connection. The best image format for our purposes is jpg image format. We can also host Flash presentation, Real Slideshow format and Quicktime video for multimedia.

To submit art: attach image file(s) to the e-mail message blank that appears when you click this link. In the body of the message, tell us about the piece and the artist(s). Do not submit any copyrighted material, unless you are the copyright holder and are willing to allow free distribution from this site.