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NCPR Podcasts: Giving Voice

NCPR's web manager Dale Hobson hosts this monthly podcast featuring poetry in performance and conversation about the creative process.

Dale Hobson

Giving Voice airs as a segment on the NCPR regional arts program Open Studio on the last Thursday of each month at 7 pm. The podcast versions below are extended edits from the broadcast feature.

For more information about Giving Voice, contact Dale Hobson.

Giving Voice episodes


Giving Voice: Live poetry jam on Open Studio

This Giving Voice segment was recorded live before a studio audience in the Winston Room of the St. Lawrence University Student Center in Canton NY. Host Dale Hobson leads a poetry jam with readings by poets Robert Strong, Helen Condon, Peggy Mooers, Mary Beth Kikel, and Jacalyn Gniewek. The theme is poetry about the arts and the creative process.  Go to full article

Giving Voice: Rev. Max Coots

There's a long tradition in English literature of preachers who are also poets. Our guest on Giving Voice, the Rev. Max Coots of Canton, is a fine example of the type. His well-crafted sermons are collected in the volume Leaning Against the Wind, and his meditative poetry can be found in Seasons of the Self, and View From a Tree. Unlike many writers--who come to poetry early, and carry on throughout life--Coots' poetry grew out of his experience in ministry. And on retirement, his creative spirit moved on to other outlets. He talked with Dale Hobson about how poetry came into his life, and how it went out again.  Go to full article

Giving Voice: Poetry for Peace at SLU

There has been poetry of war through all of history, celebrating glory, valor and conquest, sanctifying the sacrificed. But as modern warfare has become more mechanized and indiscriminate, modern poets have increasingly turned their pens toward themes of peace. At St. Lawrence University, poets, readers and listeners--both town and gown--gather monthly before a fireplace in huge overstuffed chairs to share their own work--or anything else that has caught their ear. While some in February's gathering touched on the politics of the current war, Dale Hobson was struck by how broad the landscape of peace becomes, when filtered through poetic imagination. The next Poetry for Peace reading takes place March 7, at 4:30 pm, in the Winston Room of the Student Center at St. Lawrence University.  Go to full article

Giving Voice: Country Music, Allen Hoey

Poet Allen Hoey left the region many years ago, but in his new collection, Country Music, he revisits his old North Country stomping grounds. He talks with Dale Hobson about remembered landscapes, and about writing and health. Allen Hoey's book, Country Music, is the next selection in NCPR's Books by Email serial. A few words of strong language are used in one poem.  Go to full article

Giving Voice: Irate Primates

Hip-hop is the current hot spot in the melting pot of American culture, where art forms collide. Poetry, beats, music, found sound--it all comes together for Dominic Pirozzi and Carlos Moses, the duo Irate Primates. Jill Breit talked to them following their UpNorth Music recording session in Malone.  Go to full article

Giving Voice: How to do a poetry reading

To the extent that poets can be said to have work to be going off to, a main part of the job description is public performance. It's a curious kind of show biz--"the poe-biz" as one of tonight's guests calls it. Dale Hobson decided to talk with some area poets to get their best advice on how to do the deed. Participants in this master class are Duriel Harris and Albert Glover of St. Lawrence University, Robert Strong from SUNY Canton, Joe Duemer from Clarkson University, and Maurice Kenny from SUNY Potsdam.  Go to full article

Giving Voice: Making The Magic Wood

On this edition of Giving Voice, we hear from composer Peter Schickele, host of the public radio program Schickele Mix, talking about his music for Baptism, an album of poems he recorded with Joan Baez in 1968. His setting for the Henry Treece poem "The Magic Wood," has a marvelously spooky flavor, perfect for the Halloween season. Dale Hobson asks the composer to pull back the curtain a little, and tell us how to make music "creepy." Our thanks to Vanguard Records, A Welk Music Group company, for permission to use Joan Baez's recording of "The Magic Wood" from Baptism in the Giving Voice podcast.  Go to full article

Giving Voice: On the River: poetry and visual art

The connection between poets and musicians goes back to the roots of both art forms, but for almost as long, poets and visual artists have also found inspiration in each other's work. Dale Hobson talks with Clayton wood engraver, Greg Lago, and Potsdam printer, Jim Benvenuto, about the creation of On the River, a suite of prints celebrating the St. Lawrence River in all its seasons. Dale reads the Fall poem from the collection, "The Poachers," and the Winter selection, "Ice." Thanks to Chris Turner for the roadhouse harmonica solo, recorded live at the Red Tavern in St. Regis Falls.  Go to full article

Giving Voice: Poet Duriel Harris

Poet Duriel Harris teaches at St. Lawrence University in Canton NY, and is one of many artists exploring "do-it-yourself" studio technology as a way to deepen the impact of her work. In this edition of Giving Voice she creates richly-textured soundscapes of music, sampled sound, and vocal effects to amplify the power of her words. She characterizes her work as po-mo funk, po-mo for post-modern, and funk for--well--funk. We'll listen to two of her studio compositions, "Living Body," from her collection Drag, and "Self Portrait at the Millennium," as well as a sample from a live performance. Host Dale Hobson talks with the poet about working in new media, and about working in collaboration.  Go to full article

Giving Voice: "Voices in the Mountains" Concert

The poetry of the young often has a direct and sincere simplicity that lends itself to musical arrangement. In this edition of "Giving Voice," Todd Moe talks with young poets and professional musicians at a special concert in Saranac Lake. The Gregg Smith Singers perform choral arrangements of "I Wonder," "Dreaming," and "First Love"--poems by three of the winners in the Great Adirondack Young People's Poetry Contest.  Go to full article

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