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09/02/2014 6:27:07 pm
Mervel. I suppose the state should be involved when their is a marriage license handed out as that is a legal contract. The foundation of marriage as we know it today, a legal , binding contract. Otherwise, I suppose they should not get involved. As far as children involved with adults? I guess you deal with it the same as the law allows. I think even that changes from state to state. Ah well, there is faith...

09/02/2014 4:16:08 pm
No, we are not in a climate pause. The trend over the past 50 years is towards higher average temperatures. Using a subset of the data for, say, the past 10 or 15 years can be misleading. If you start your data range at 1997, we see the averages continue to rise, but at a slightly slower pace (between 5% and 10%) than predicted. This is a very interesting problem for climate modelers, but of no real significance to...

09/02/2014 2:54:03 pm
We would be a healthier planet to reduce carbon, but until we have a better handle on what is going on its hard to make a case about what exactly to do when it comes to policy decisions that impact the everyday lives of individuals.

09/02/2014 2:52:11 pm
I am not denying climate change or the damage of putting so much carbon and particulates in the air. What happens when we are just correlating upward temperature change over the passage of time is that there is no way the link is that direct. Right now we are in a climate pause, that is pretty well established. Why? We really don't know, its very very complex. Thus if we say well temperatures are going to march...

09/02/2014 11:46:06 am
I am in general for keeping my religious beliefs out of secular law and government. For me as a Christian, I firmly believe that Christianity is helped by upholding our countries freedom of speech and the liberty to not have any religion forced upon us or sanctioned by the government. In this case, although the issue is brought up by a small fundamentalist Mormon sect; they also have rights and the same...

09/02/2014 9:54:57 am
Mervel. Your logic is sound based on the marriage rulings by courts. But the problem is the supreme court's ruling in the Hobby lobby case creates a conflict in my opinion. They determined 5-4 that religious doctrine can over rule federal law. That was purely a political decision not based on law. The State never said anyone had to use contraceptives or other women's health choices, only that it was not a...

09/01/2014 9:17:22 pm
Nothing to lose.

09/01/2014 8:55:38 pm
Pete, Antarctica is just coming out of winter, so -99 is not unusual. The record is around -130 F. The Arctic sea ice was not as thin as in some recent years, but it was still well below average. These facts are pretty easy to track down. As is this fact: we are changing the climate by pouring heat-trapping gases into it at an unprecedented rate. Is there any other topic where you believe that you understand...

09/01/2014 8:04:06 pm
Good article. Its fascinating. One wonders if these types of changes were happening anywhere else, besides a place that has a very low population density and that population is also often Native; that there would not be a huge outcry and panic. The thing I don't understand is why people are still investing in the coastlines? Why is the most expensive real estate in the world located right next to our...

09/01/2014 7:56:02 pm
As long as you have consenting adults involved, and I think that is the key, adults; it is very hard to make any sort of claim that any relationship or relationships should not be allowed to marry, if you support the re-definition of marriage away from one and and one women. Its only logical.

09/01/2014 7:53:14 pm
There is indeed a fascinating history of the Mormon fundamentalists and Canada.

09/01/2014 7:48:58 pm
How could we say Polygamy is wrong if we are going to support the redefinition of marriage? This was fully predicted to happen and it will happen. The next step will by Polymories (sp?) relationships with several permutations of different men and women marrying. I have come to believe the state should not be involved at all in defining relationships. We will likely reach the point that the state simply steps...

09/01/2014 12:24:06 pm
Religion by definition is nothing more than " : a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices " M.W. Somewhere along the way it has been anointed sacred and not to be questioned or interfered with by secular law. Cults were the roots of modern day monotheistic religions and some of those practices and symbols infused themselves with Christianity and other...

09/01/2014 10:35:49 am
Something that is often overlooked regarding polygamy as practiced by the early Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is that it was often a really good gig for women. Historical accounts certainly record strife and disharmony in some homes but there are other cases where the women chose each other as co-wives and developed a culture of cooperation and mutual support in their households. Women who were...

09/01/2014 10:01:33 am
One of the unspoken things when it comes to freedom of religion in the US is the freedom meant was freedom to practice whatever Christian religion - not any other religions. For most people, this is as true now as it was in 1776. This is why most Americans do not regard Islam as just another religion. I might add, Muslims do not regard any religion other than Islam as a true religion.

08/31/2014 5:46:00 pm
Lucy, I applaud your article as a start along the lines of the Chinese proverb "A long march starts from the very first step". Hopefully you will keep on keeping on and continue to write about this very very important subject; global warming and the climatic changes it is responsible for. It does amuse me that the very folks who claim that their demand that "the American way of life" be non negotiable arises...

08/31/2014 2:26:33 pm
the problem I see is divorce. How do you divide property? What about the children? Do all the mothers have rights to all the children?

08/31/2014 1:11:11 pm
I think that the main problem we have here is too many people minding someone else's business. As I remember from my American history lessons; folks came to America to escape religious persecution, or in the case of the Puritans, came to find stricter persecution than they were allowed in Europe.

08/31/2014 1:06:46 pm
Wait! I didn't know that exploiting boys for their labor and jettisoning them was child abuse. Heck, when I was a young man, my mom even made me pay rent.....

08/31/2014 10:31:20 am
"Critics allege that in many polygamous sects girls are raised to be married off young, at the whim of male elders, without much ability to dissent. Boys may be exploited for their labor then jettisoned as surplus competition for mates. Some would consider that sex crimes and child abuse – at least as adjudicated by conventional standards." Subjugation, especially of girls/women as well as boys/men, is a...