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07/26/2014 9:57:25 am
Maybe the fix is to go back to before the smart people decided math needed fixing. Problem with education in general is there are too many people whose jobs depend upon fixing what never need fixing.

07/23/2014 9:19:42 pm
I tink another thing that is missing is the grants and special funding... For example...the state said Lake Placid (and other communities) needed to upgrade their water filtration... for Lake Placid if they would have put a charge on flushes per room (i.e. so hotels/motels/resorts would have financed the improvements)... that would have cut into profits.... Instead the state gave LP something like $15 million to...

07/21/2014 8:12:52 pm
Paul, The last paragraph in the article pretty clearly defines that "13,890 jobs, 17.9 percent of all employment in the region, and $332 million in labor income" was the contribution that the tourism industry provided for the Adirondack region in 2012; does it not? The only jobs I was basing my calculations upon were the jobs which were being lauded by the intent of the entire article. All I am pointing out is...

07/21/2014 4:41:28 pm
This thing ended in a TIE? What a rip off!!

07/21/2014 4:36:11 pm
Ken, Your numbers are all kooky. These are not the ONLY dollars in the economy. They are a portion of the economy. For example you can't take the PORTION of income related to tourism divide it by the number of jobs and come up with a salary for that person. Here they are saying 17% you are pretending that the other 83% doesn't exist.

07/21/2014 10:37:15 am
I hope this gives impetus to getting rid of the useless Canadian senate.

07/20/2014 6:05:44 pm
My apologies I either left off a 2 from 23902 or added a 0 to 474197 when I did the calculation, via an electronic calculator, and the values expressed in this sentence fragment : " 23902/474197 = 0.00504 or 0.504% of what the average employer earns". Should read: "23902/474197 = 0.0504 or 05.04% of what the average employer earns"

07/19/2014 11:39:07 am
"In 2012 alone, tourism in the Adirondacks Region generated $1.24 billion in direct spending and $152 million in state and local taxes. This economic sector was integral to the region, attributing for 13,890 jobs, 17.9 percent of all employment in the region, and $332 million in labor income." Very interesting: $1240million in direct spending $152million in state and local taxes (likely primarily...

07/19/2014 9:34:20 am
It will be interesting to see how this all turns out with so little pre-planning and next to zero advertising.

07/16/2014 12:27:30 pm
Dave, Yes I realize that there will always be the poor among us. But I the North Country is one of the poorest areas of New York State. So I do think we should look at ways to address that, I don't think we should just ignore it and say hey everything is great I have everything I need and it's really pretty here. So I think economic development and yes that means good jobs with benefits is something we...

07/15/2014 10:49:00 pm
Regarding Mervel's argument that providing services like health care is part of the mission of the church I would suggest that he would be correct if the church did so with their own money as an act of charity. However they are paid for services by taxpayer dollars and by dollars from insurance companies neither of which has the same limits. Further most of those dollars come from people who do not share the...

07/15/2014 12:06:06 pm
Great post, Lucy. This is appalling.

07/14/2014 12:02:13 pm
I stopped visiting the region. My club is being forced to close. I speak for hundreds of other club members too.

07/14/2014 8:37:03 am
dave is right about the negativity. From some of the comments here you would think the hotels, motels, and cabins are all empty right now; that nobody is riding their bike on Rt 28 or 30, that Tupper Lake and Blue Mt Lake dont have world class museums that tens of thousands of people go to every year; that a glamping resort in Johnsburg hasn't gotten press in downstate papers or on the Huffington Post. Tourism...

07/13/2014 8:26:35 pm
You will always have people who are not doing as well financially as they would like. In every town... every city... every region... everywhere. There is no changing that. The very dynamics of our economic system insist on it. You can't plan, or grow, or improve your way out of that reality. There is no magic formula. More tourism, less tourism, manufacturing jobs, no manufacturing jobs, prisons,...

07/13/2014 4:00:59 pm
However I don't think tourism by itself is ever enough to carry a healthy community.

07/13/2014 3:59:20 pm
Well that is the issue. For some the current model works, for the poor, the marginalized, and the unemployed, no it does not work very well and we have a lot of those families living among us, as much as we like to pretend they don't exist. The Adironacks are very unique particularly in the East. I think there is further potential appealing to the a younger more adventure based/ wilderness interested...

07/13/2014 1:00:46 pm
And again I find myself asking... Am I the only one who likes the Adirondacks just the way they are?

07/13/2014 8:42:26 am
I guess since nobody else is doing it I'll have to... Tourism has been a big part of the region's economy since the early 1800's. There have been changes in tourism since then and there will be changes in the future, but we will always be a tourism destination. The question is, how do we best take advantage of the opportunities? Wealthy visitors have always come here, vacationed (vacated the squallerous city...

07/13/2014 8:38:13 am addition to gas, it's always been time. this isn't Europe, we don't get the month of august off! weekend treks must fit a time constraint. it's not probable you would drive 8-10 hrs from nyc to spend a night in the adks. if you want to draw people from montreal, nyc, and points beyond, you'll need a direct train into the heart of the park. even then, once off the train, transpo to your destination would need...