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Making Spring haiku--
it is not rocket science.
Follow this pattern.

Spring Haiku
from NCPR


in the vacant lot
almost hidden by tall grass
a lone daffodil

The scent of lilacs
carried on a cool, soft breeze -
- remember to breathe

Where a house once stood
Abandoned flower garden
continues to grow

Diane West-Doran, Canton


Tannin hummocks bulge
over rocks hidden by foam
and sparkling water.



Tennis balls on grass
Lie still, no one to fetch them
Miss you Coopie Dog

June Peoples


Days are warming up
The green patterns are growing
Math is everywhere

Dr. James M. Parks, Prof. Emeritus of Math.
SUNY Potsdam


Mountains beckon us
The glory of a great climb
Ugh - blackfly season!

Tiny hummingbirds
Return from distant tropics.
Home for the summer.

A woodchuck is lurking
In the yard, under the barn.
Goodbye to flowers.

Marjory Moeller, Glens Falls, NY


One day lilacs bloom -
the next the rain bends them down.
Metaphor for life.

Anne Smallman, Malone


In this linked triplet of haiku, a child, buried at the base of large white pine, addresses her mother.

I am Sarah

Look at me Mother!
And watch the warming sun kiss
Your child good morning

I, too, look at you.
As my shoulders turn to shade
And your smile is warm

When long shadows reach
Out to touch the fading sun
My smile meets your smile

Joe Gutierrez


Robin at window,
Red-breasted Quixote fights
Rival reflected.

Judy Andrus Toporcer, Pierrepont


And two photo haiku from
Judy Andrus Toporcer, Pierrepont


splat on my windshield
she never knew it was there
more coming on wind



Bright White Blinds No More
Brown And Green With Golden Glow
Season For The Eyes

Greener Every Day
Nursing Warmth, Nourishing Rain
Scene Of Vernal Change

Phil St. Pierre, McColloms, NY


Gone again

Gone some days I fear for ever
did I say goodbye
as you lived did you die?

Thought you would stay forever
but the last I saw
Red fox tail darting away

Kelly Baker


New green grass of spring
Our fall baby now outside
His first dirty feet

Alice Stokes, Burlington


Found Buddha's head
sticking up in the mud
while photographing dandelions
at the spring.

Alan Casline, Springs Hollow


she is a comin'
heard rustling leaves, bird feathers
rain felt on the wind

Tanya Roy, Glenfield, NY


Missing the North Country, Glens Falls, my family

Spring aromas mist invoke memories within me
Of life in the beautiful north country
My heart there, my body achingly here

Amy Jarvis


Tiny hermit thrush;
your wizardly song for spring
wakes the sleepy woods.

Jennifer F. Norman, Vermontville, NY


Spring Warning

Pounce, roll attack, chase........
your tail isn't safe! Lookout!
Your face! Young cat prowl.

Deb Evans, Blue Mtn Lake NY


Green leaves on the trees
Are pretty from the window
And my Mom loves spring.

Rebecca & Tera (Little River Community School, Canton)


I watched a farmer plant and sow,
And wondered how his face could show,
A truth that I shall never know.

Bernie Kessler


Flowers forever.
Dandelions in the lawn,
Duck heads for blade, please

Don Mandigo


many things growing
my belly with baby too
spring is all about

sarah scafidi-mcguire, canton


I carefully plant
Only flowers deer don't like
Then the dog eats them!

Frogs chirping nightly
Northbound geese honk overhead.
Spring's birth announcement

Put away the boots
Pack up parkas, hats and gloves
But leave the sweaters!

Highway crews sweep sand
Blowing swirls of dust and dirt
Exposing bike lanes.

Molly Nichols, Saranac Lake


city spring

rain flicks through window
smell of wet concrete drifts up
sandals replace boots

Grace PerLee


A longer poem in lines of 5 & 7 syllables

He's running the roads again
the fever of spring
coursing strong in aging bones

He's at his old haunts I see
up to no bird good
trotting a long mile from home

happy: his joy coming so far
to live as he was
knows null of age and slowing

He is now- ever black and thick
wearing fur of gods
my love runs on padded feet

green buds sprung alive throughout
the land we love dear
gentle breeze blows and mixes

I am come home my sweet love
will you comfort me
in my convelescence again

by the neigbors garden gate
I lift him away
take him home to rest with me

The birds are twilling, trilling
flying hither and thus
too much to let pass
he leaves for green woods beyond

alone, I hear them calling and singing
darting past my window and up

I am glad he runs determined
back to the bursting woods
would I too, ride my freind's spirit

while my body rest and mend
ague cannot compete
with the gentle breezes come

and sweet song of birds alight

Kelly Baker, Bolton Landing


Pale mist of poplars
Red trillium on the bank
Splash in vernal pools



Note: This spring snow haiku and the two that follow are from Betsy Kepes' latest Letters Home feature written in Japan.

Long time friends unite
Walking on a snowy road
Spring snow woman smiles

by Betsy Kepes and Azusa


The flakes of winter
Alight to the sleeping boughs
Up and down the slopes

by Jay Vandewater


Spring snow falls softly
Hokkaido deer step through woods
Long time friends unite

by Tom Vandewater


Under fierce sunshine
children laugh when grass tickles
so many bare toes

Tanya Roy, Glenfield, NY


I heard you discussing, the other day, whether the plural of haiku is haiku or haikus. The dictionary being one of my favorite books, I looked it up. The plural of haiku is haiku. However, there is one exception, according to my particular usage. This appears below as (ta da!) a spring haiku.

Double entendre

Mourning doves abound
Strutting, bobbing, pecking seeds
High coos fill the air

Bonnie Colton, Lowville


Lilacs clench their fists
Spring sun gently on the tight blossoms
gently brings flowers

Lynn Oatman


My Honda's ready.
Jacket, leather: zipped, buckled
But where's my helmet?

Kathy Given O'Shaughnessy


Effervescent plants,
Another frost out of mind,
Exhale their perfumes.

Tony Tambasco



spring....chopping, raking
bird's singing, radio's on.
The soprano dies.

Deb Evans, Blue Mtn. Lake


April cruelest month,
Spring for US and death abroad.
Warm Soil. Body Bags.

Lynne Stewart, South Bombay


A long day of play
a bottle of Cabernet-
the artist nods off.

Mud on the windshield
breaks the landscape into dots-
a veil over veils.

The passing gray clouds
obscuring the clear, blue sky
are not disparate.

Thomas Nicholas


Haiku, singular
Ah, but what is the plural?
Haiku or haikus?

Katherine P. Henrikson, Delmar


Seeds, soil, water
Proof of new life created:
My muddy fingers

Richard W. Mondak, Sackets Harbor, NY


The bird is nesting
Over husband Dan's porch light
May the eggs be safe.

Carolyn O'Connor, Canton


Flat sky and black spruce
Mirrored in cold, dark water
Shattered by soft rain

Celia Evans


Bright sun and warm earth
Bid welcome and call to me
After my finals

Ana Best


oh no, I saw snow
white stuff lurking in shadow
mayday! mayday! go!

Nancy Battaglia


In a village where they ring no bells,
what do they do,
In spring at dusk?

Basho, submitted by Sam Jacobs, Massena


Soft rainbow
arches like a basket handle
carrying hills of mist.

Carol Pearsall


dandelion root
pulled with care, nothing broken
astonishing length

hungry ocean shark
only smaller and with wings
thy name is blackfly!

cat cannot decide
is inside better, or out?
human patience ends

Spring day of cold damp
When will the warm sun emerge?
I am ready now

sunrise through window
wakes me earlier each day
need thicker curtains

bright splash of tulips
vivid colors seeking sun
I see them and smile

the garden awakes
how can I finish it all?
long days are too short

son looks in my eyes
says he's grown taller than me
not yet, very soon

Lucy Martin


a little black fly
fruitlessly scouts my hairline
flies over to yours

Velma Bolyard


Life breaks forth in spring.
It is not with shy caution,
but brazen courage.

Daniel Romlein


Sunlight swims in
Not slides over water now
Ice is gone.

Kenyon Wells, Sackets Harbor


Riotous blooming.
Clouds of yellow pollen drift.
Eyes and noses weep.

Joannah Ralston, Shelburne


Green fuzz, sap surging
In the trees birds cry, "Life, life!"
Whole world is on fire.

Juliet Gill, Ingleside


Spring Canoeing
Water smooth as glass
Paddle slices, ripples glide
Season has begun

Kenneth H. Ely, Saranac Lake


Small and dark they come
Buzzing, biting and itching
Then in July, gone.



Tulips blossoming
red, yellow, pink, purple, white
worshipping the sun



Pansies standing up
No other flowers in sight
Spring here in the North

Erica M. Neufeld, Lake Placid


Naked Gardening

Once a rock outcrop
scratched bare buttocks, in air
warm-fresh as today

from Daydreamer


Maybe trillium
will have blossomed overnight
since my last walk here

Dale Hobson, Potsdam