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Spring 2010

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Making Spring haiku--
it is not rocket science.
Follow this pattern.

*Objection to the above sample:

“No matter what you were taught in 11th grade English, the poems [haiku] do not have to be three lines of five-syllable, seven-syllable, five-syllable form. There’s a huge misconception about haiku—that it is in anyway remotely related to 5-7-5. The most characteristic thing about haiku is there’s a silent pause in the middle. You get one image and then there’s this pause, this silence, and then you get a second image. Readers fill out the rest of the story with their imaginations.”

John Scarlett, quoting Watertown Daily Times article.

Sample 2

Making Spring haiku:
brush dipped and poised--
neighbor knocking.

Marquil "Haikoon" Special

Spring 2010 Haiku

color emerges dreamlike
white gray brown
erased by night's rain

silent snowfall patiently waits
symphonic sister will arrive

white sigh across the earth
then gasps of red , yellow
confused eyebrows of pale green

pouring coffee
gaze called up
coyote lopes across the morning

Mary Beth Peabody


Deer browse every green sprout.
Spring colors like fall while
May flies cloud the lake.

Jan Fitzgerald


April poetry.
Dale Hobson knows why it is
the cruelest month.

Mike Parwana


Graduation day
The parents all come to see
Circus then leaves town

Ted Champagne


April snow rains down.
Bright tulip faces peek through.
Winter's blessings end.

Barb Brown, Morristown



That mischievous child,
Winter, runs through the north woods,
Once more, before bed.

Jordan Hornstein


Snow on the Lupine
A poor man's fertilizer?
Adirondack Spring

Erica M. Neufeld, Lake Placid


Black cat in the sun
Passive solar collector
Warm purrs as she sleeps

White oak shelters all
Under a bare canopy
Possum, raccoon, skunk

Bats that flew at dusk
Little white bones in a cave
All that is now left

Peepers throats swell large
All singing songs of greeting
A chorus of spring

Spring came March twenty
Days are warmer, but just wait
There will be more snow

Leaves slowly unfurl
Colors pale versions of fall
Quickly change to green

White petals of shad
Follow the melting of snow
And then softly fall

Spring...no, not quite yet
Temperatures... snowflakes fall
Melt... new leaves remain

Bluejays loudly court
Males bringing a gift of food
Tender moment of blues

Comfrey and rhubarb
Joined by violet carpets
Welcome back the spring

Turkeys strut their stuff
Toms fan and gobble and step
Hens watch warily

Spring is really here
Yellow-bellied sapsuckers
Hammer out rhythms

Beaver lodges grow
Porcupines dine high in trees
Groundhogs eat young grass

Dark clouds fill the sky
Cold rain turns to icy slush
Daffodils wear snow

Snow covers the steps
Our black cat wears a white coat
Waiting to come in

Vici Diehl, Antwerp


Snow's falling in chunks!
It's just four days till May Day.
My daffodils cringe.

Jeri Wright, Wilmington, NY


Late season snowfall.
Shovels, coats out. Justifies

Anne Smallman, Malone, NY


a palm full of salt
a long stalk of red rhubarb...
back porch at grandma's

Diane E. Dockum, Norwood


Cardinal pinwheel
At Glen Lake Road and Blue Moose
Twirls gaily in wind

Jayel, Queensbury


Spring clean-up. Beagle
Daisy finds her favorite
quarry. Sidewalk gum.

Molly Nichols, Saranac Lake


Flowers are open
My eyes are red and itchy
Does this mean it’s spring?

Beth Robinson



Skis and sleds away
But keep snow shovels nearby
It's only April

Leon Sawyko, Pierrepont, NY


Sudden mist of green
covering the ground shimmers
in the branches Spring

Jerome Mendicino, Jericho, VT


Winter died quickly
No lingering muddy death
Summer was surprised

Robin McClellan


my adirondacks
pileated woodpecker
reigns, red crest held high

Dina Kennedy


Moss-log or log-moss
Where exactly does one end...
The other begin?

Pine cone middens...
Fresh mushrooms laid out to dry...
Red squirrel feast-day!

Oh little clubmoss
Have you heard the stories of
Your great ancestors?

Jane Lammers, Canton, NY


Bloodroot petals fall
Missing it before it’s gone –
an April woods walk

Todd Moe, Norwood


Trees across the bay
tinted with sublte colors;
red, yellow, orange.

Soon to be flush with
the spring green of Chlorophyll
Autumn in reverse.

Gary Wallace, South Colton


the birds sing greetings
as I leave in the morning
happy that it's Spring

the Earth comes alive
even though she's smothering
in concrete and steel

Sun glistening on lake
dissolves my anxiety
filling me with peace

Squirrels running up trees
celebrating the freedom
the comes with Springtime

Gwen Shervington, Burlington, VT


From muddy slumber,
wake wee peepers and wood frogs.
Serenade of hope.

Valerie White, Canton


Spring in Leysin, 1974

I wend my way through
cobbled streets, the crisp air cuts
the silence in half.

Aneca Corvo


The sun has vanished.
Still the zealous robin sings,
Drunk with the evening.

Galen Pletcher, Canton


In the morning I
wake up the wood fire to the
sound of loons in heat.

I don my winter
coat and gloves to walk the dog
in the morning sun.

In the afternoon
I bring in more of the wood
clad in shorts and tee.

Gary Wallace


Bear wakes up,
realizes it is hungry.
Bye, bye Jo's fence and feeders.

Ellen "Jo" Rathbone


Land of six seasons:
Summer, Fall, two Winters, Mud
And FINALLY Spring!

Justin Westbrook


The Coming of April

Street Puddles gather
As Sun seduces Snowbanks --
Birds chirp perversely!

Shawn W. Murphy, Plattsburgh, NY


Beautiful spring day.
Rolling motorcycle off porch
makes it snow again.

Ted Merlesmith


Spring, what can it be?
Feels much like summer to me.
Give me slush and mud.

Mike Parwana


Eighty degrees, sun
No sign of rain for three days
Time to scrape and paint

Barbara Rottier


morning paper, wet
from early passing shower;
now I can't read it

Bob Bushnell


Canton, three a.m.
How I do miss mockingbirds!
Insomniac friends.

Galen Pletcher, Canton NY


New dog walks me through
the sleeping cemetery.
Can they hear us talk?

Helen Condon, Parishville


No ice on my walk
this morning. Crisp air. Soft earth.
Tiny peepers sing.

Fran Yardley, Middle Saranac Lake


In light of 86 degrees on April 2

Skis lean on porch wall
smeared with gummy Klister wax
season feels months past

Windows propped open
night air brushes the pillow
What else but sweet dreams

THANK YOU! I so look forward to this each year!

Valerie White, Canton


My one-time brook flows.
Spring downpours invesr their wealth.
Tomorrow it's gone!

Jeri Wright, Wilmington, NY


High School Musicals
N.C.P.R. haiku time
winter is over!

Black bear den cam live,
thank you to Dave Larabee,
made a good winter.

David Raville


Cat watches cat
Birds watch cats
Gentle breezes wash tensions

Kathy Cantwell, Beekmantown, NY


Buckets hang, empty
Sun warms the gray weathered bark
Buckets hang, so full

Tom Riley, Pittstown, NY


Rains pelt the wet ground
adobe soil clings to shoes
the drought is over

Red leaves on rose bush
new life takes form once again
I await the blooms

Annie Bailly, Penngrove CA

Please pass on a personal haiku for my cousin -

Ellen’s in De Kalb
I’m in Sonoma County
Oh so far away


No wood fire today.
Earth fragrance fills each inhale.
Robins sing their love notes.

Jackie Kaufman


Haiku 3

Do not hush songbird.
This stillness you fly into–
a Greek woman’s face.

a sea-scape of rain.

a graveyard of grass.

Allen Ashby


On an April day
Cats' recollections of spring
Are finally realized

John Barbour, Underhill VT


Lilting frog chorus
Still waters astir with life
Spring pools awaken

Julie Hart, Millbrook, NY


Once alive, now dead,
and exposed by melting snow
My dogs spring perfume.

Sherry Fieroh, Paul Smiths


Wax off and wax on,
soft yellow for summer time
Ski season is over.

Will Fieroh, Paul Smiths


Dog mad with delight
flops onto the promised grass,
eyes at snowless skies.

Doctor I


It happened today,
Rain with snow, more snow with rain,
Todd called it "snizzle".

Roseanne Gallagher, Malone, NY


They say seventy
That's a warm weekend for sure
I must have missed Spring

James Valastro, Burlington VT


rains hide behind blue:
string of birds dot an awesome sky
in a corner the sun!

Erik Luc, Canton NY


ski season's over
not...yet white turns to water soon
swoosh to splash to splat

Nancie Battaglia, Lake Placid


oh not spring, not yet
clean and sweep and mud and scrape
the list? longer still.

Scott Atkinson


Wow what a cold snap
My sugar snap peas are in
Might have to replant

james valastro, south burlington


Hopes to see ice out,
Access road closed-mud and ice,
Need warmth to canoe.

Mary Abramson


Hosta pushes up
Willows swell their early nibs
Rhubarb knows better

Phill Greenland, Gabriels, NY


Snow and ice cover
the brook gurgling on it way.
Spring is not far off.

Ruth Kuhfahl, Keene Valley


March Madness

North wind blew and blew
Birds sang the blues out of tune
Just when Spring was here

Kenyon Wells, Sackets Harbor, NY


The weather turns warm
Breezes blow the ice away
Spring will be here soon!

Mary, age 9, Saranac Lake


I listen on walks
Darn, no new bird songs today
Maybe tomorrow

james valastro, Burlington VT


The ice is melting
The locks and channels open
Let flow The Seaway

Justin Westbrook, Canton


Early robins chide
from perch above Spring snow
whose idea was this?

Valerie White, Canton


Sweetens the air waves
Strengthens our community
NCPR rocks!

Kenyon Wells, Sackets Harbor


It's brown mud season
Would love to get to my bulbs
Ankle deep in it

Robert Pell-deChame via Facebook


James Robinson, Saranac Lake


The forsythia
Collecting golden sunshine
Lights up the city.

Elizabeth Kochar, Bronx


Holding breath in March
will it, can it come again
all that grows from where

Ellen Rocco, DeKalb


Ice Out

Solid white water
South wind whispers in the night
And then it is gone

Kenyon Wells, Sackets Harbor


The ring-necked pheasant
under the satellite dish--
what does he receive?

Dale Hobson, Potsdam


Back in a sunny homeplace
Flowers are growing
Spring is making its way in.

Ana R. Williams-Bergen, age 8, Canton


     Big new window--
as if nothing between you
  and the dead chickadee

John Scarlett, Rossie


A wolf tastes



Violets in the shade
     of falling apple blossoms.
          Thoughts of our lost love.

Albert Glover, Canton


a persistent dove
from a treetop woos its mate-
this must be high coo

Rob Sprogell, Key West, FL


Cooped up all winter,
four plump hens now bathe in dirt.
We call it the "Spa."

Todd Moe, Norwood NY

Spring 2009 Haiku

Ice feathers flutter
Ice fog covers every tree
Delicate winter

Vici Zaremba, Antwerp


Furled green flags swallow rain,
Joust the wind, soak up sun, swell.
Full-blown banners wave.

Elisabeth Ward, Westport


Evening's concert
Transports the soul, bringing peace.
Peepers' lullaby.

Molly Nichols, Saranac Lake



Small voices
a fragile chorus
reeds in the night waters.

Up from deeper soils,
excavating earth scent

Don Borsh, Potsdam NY


Spring gardening time.
Swift dragonflies chase blackflies
buzzing around me.

Carol Pearsall


Haiku Text: Gabriel Rosenstock, Ireland
Haiga Illustration: Ion Codrescu, Romania

Note from visitor: I met Gabriel Rosenstock in a Plattsburgh bar last August when he presented at a haiku conference I attended. He is wonderfully kind and droll. He will be presenting again at Haiku North America 2009 this August 5-9 in Ottawa (www.haikunorthamerica.com). Gabriel is a mesmerizing pub singer, a one man Irish Gaelic preservation society, and the author of some wonderful books, including what I think is the best introduction to haiku out there.--John Scarlett.



In L.P. spring sprung
In D.C. tulips are done
Ain't traveling fun

Erica M. Neufeld, Lake Placid


Fiddleheads stand tall
Warm breeze: Change is in the air
Nature says, "Yes, we can!"

Jackie Hornstein, Long Lake


Juneberry blossoms
   even whiter
      in the rain

Big slow snowflakes
I almost miss them
Juneberry blossoms

Puffs of smoke
   caught in the pines
Juneberry blossoms

John Scarlett


You must close your eyes
to see the true signs of spring:
Chirp, gurgle, sweet breeze.

Beth Lomnitzer, Indian Lake


Spring means: go back out!
See the deer come back home now,
summer is coming!

Caroline Lomnitzer (age 11), Indian Lake


The following are haiku written by the Olders and Middles at Little River School in Canton.

I can not think right
my brain is going crazy
sometimes life stinks, bad


The planet Cory
a nature planet with life
Sab plants bloom color


I hear the horses
stomping through the rain
and listen to their sweet neighs


Splish Splash I jump in
ripples follow where I was
I love the water


Carpe diem
is not to be confused with
crap e' diem


The fisherman's spear
slices through shallow water
to bounce off white stones

Thoughts resurfacing
while laying on her deathbed
the shadows circle


Skate hit pass shoot score
break away deke shot goal
slap shot glove save...win


A red car
dual exhaust, leather seats
zero to sixty in three seconds


The water rushes
and the trees sway in the storm
I lay there and watch



Under a starry sky
   an aching sound
A seedling pushes skyward.

Gail Brill


Half-done log house sleeps.
Wake Up! It's time to build more!
When will we be done?

Anne Werly Smallman, Malone


   unable to follow
      the goldfinches

His death bed
   one sound

out of the jumping frog
ancient pond

John Scarlett


Open the window!
Peepers trilling at sunset -
Good spring medicine.

Laura Cordts, Potsdam


Here is a submission from a student of mine at Saranac Lake Middle School. Don Carlisto, Saranac Lake MS

Ice Cream now for sale.
Here comes Mr. Ding-A-Ling:
Crunchy Nugget, please.

Maggie Augustine, Grade 7


So much work to do
but spring besots us into
thinking we are young

Ellen Rocco, Dekalb


Quin-zhee is now gone,
The woods bring mushroom splendor,
Life comes from passing.

Mary Abramson, Minerva


Tabby's eyes widen--
wild turkeys gobble and strut
right onto his turf.

Maureen Kravec, Ogdensburg


spring snow, not "oh no"
wet stuff still makes green stuff grow
white water seeps slow

(as inspired by this morning's weather!)
Nancie Battaglia, Lake Placid


Lady Slippers bloom
sleeping on a bed of moss
a birch tree stands tall

Emma Crowell (age 9)


Four Haiku for Spring

Rain on the downspout drops.
Lichens glow green on wet wood.
Robins run and hop.

Seventeen turkeys
in the back pasture: the tom
afraid of nothing.

Winter's squat hawks gone
back to the tundra; in glide
Spring's, wings twice as wide.

A dog's sweetest dream:
chasing red-tailed squirrels in
landscapes with no trees.

One note on haiku: there's supposed to be no mention of the writer, but should instead only depict natural images. It's a meditation on our absence, in a way.

Wendy Babiak


Red buds hold maple
in place for lightning ravens
who laugh at the mud.

Fossil ice beside
the cabin shrinks like the night,
still tells winter tales.

Three does dart across
lawns to stare at garden plans:
we can wait, they state.

Dr. I., Brant Lake


Many signs of Spring
But the snow still wants to fly
Nature’s private strife

Within the greenhouse
Little seeds are popping up
With dreams of sunshine

Lori H., Essex, MA


roots and shoots abound
they slip from winter's chill clutch
let me grow with them

Valerie White, Canton


Flattened cups, dead leaves,
butts, road salt, lost ball, cracked limbs.
Have to find the rake.

Buddha on my shirt
Still, this bacon cheeseburger
Pig, cow, me--all one

Dale Hobson, Potsdam


Hard times suggest gloom
though bounty can still be found.
Many treasures are free.

Raised on love and hope
eighteen candles glow, star-bright.
Fly, dear one, full grown.

The empty nest looms
a gift of second chances.
Pain and gain. For life.

Lucy Martin, Ottawa, ON


I love cheezy fries
I like the hot cheezyness
My arteries clog

Bunnies are hoppin'
The world is a Lima bean
Frog are a-poppin'

Zachary B.


My son smiles at me
He has a gleam in his eye
What is he up to?

Carol Gable


I can smell springtime
in the grass and flowers
or something I ate?

Mark L. Shores


Cardinal soaring
Lonesome, endless flight in place
Pretty Whirligig.

Miriam Kashiwa, Old forge


Iris and tulips
In all sorts of strange places
Need to start digging!

Pussy Willows pop
Marshes sound cheeping peepers
Wake Robin is up

Rhubarb leaves curling
Beside the back porch walkway
Now need strawberries!

North Country Public
Radio - reason amidst
the media blitz!

Ann S. Wilke, Peru, NY


Little girls sleeping.
Sunlight through bedroom window
wakes them up too early.

Bethany Usher, Potsdam, NY

Spring 2008 Haiku

Cut asparagus
Jersey King, Purple Passion,
Mary Washington

Rumba, Samba, Waltz
Feel the music as you dance
Cha Cha and Tango

Sweet woodruff grows low
Under hosta and wood fern
Covering their toes

Solomon's Seals arch
Over trillium and leeks
Varied shades of green

Bumblebees visit
Apple blossoms at their peak
Pollen rides along

Hummingbirds return
Baltimore Orioles too
Sweet nectar beckons

Slug and snail slime trails
Meander from plant to plant
Nibbles here and there

Soft, warm spring rains fall
Seeds germinate, flowers bloom
Birds sit on their nests

Cumulus clouds build
Lightning bolts flicker cloud to cloud
Slow rolls of thunder

Beautiful spring day
Black flies swarm and start biting
I retreat inside

Vici Diehl, Antwerp


peep peep peep peep peep
peepers peep and people sleep
peepers leap to spring

Elisabeth Ward, Westport


in the hospital
visiting parishioners
spring arrives outside

in the nursing home
visiting the elderly
courtyard trees abloom

in the sanctuary
hymn singing praying preaching
promise of rebirth

Rev. Laurie McKnight, Lisbon/Heuvelton


Spring thinks about growth;
after such a long winter,
so does my waistband!

Leon Le Beau, Colton NY


rush of swollen creek,
vast sky ,more water, great day
for a funeral

Dr. I, Brant Lake


Singing birds crackle.
The spring rush of big water,
Sound roars into life.

Chilly mornings swell
With color. Plants push through soil.
Warm earth takes first seeds.

Worm accomplishes
Superior construction
Building his new digs.

JeanMarie Martello


“…crackle…” Where’s Todd? “…bzzt..”
“…This is Rock 94!...” What!?!
Spring reception starts

Alan McLeod, Kingston, ON


springtime comes slowly
patchy snow mounds resist sun
lingering in shade

Eileen Egan Mack


Act 1: The bees. Act 2: The bats
Mark Wilson, Saranac Lake


Spring is here!
All the tattoos
Are out of the closet.

Oscar D. Sarmiento, Potsdam


Peat pots, soil and seeds
Anxious for our first shoots
Contagious green thumb

Sun warmed carpet
Enjoyed by cats, dogs, and kids
And sometimes by me

Swamped, muddy trails
An invigorating hike
Boot prints on her floor

Thin ice but still safe
Roaring midday woodstove fire
Drying clothes and me

Phil St. Pierre


Shadows dancing window waltz
Jitterbugs in spring

Nancie Battaglia


Spring History

Grief greys the morning
Violetta coughs high C
death's curtain, Act Three

Buffalo dust clouds
drive oblivion into
open teepee doors

Eye of the tuber
closes under Ireland
and blinks in famine

Suzanne M. Milliron, Saranac Lake, NY


Is the ice out yet?
Then will motor start in May?
Did camp roof survive?

Liz Fessenden


ids of april
mailed the returns
microwave died

Deb Evans


Dodging turkeys, deer
All the critters celebrate
Spring at last is here

John Bean, Potsdam


Haiku Spring Collage

black ice on the lake
dissolving to honeycomb
becoming water

gone the snow with sun
earth revealed by raking
smell of growth to come

turkeys forage fields
males strut their stuff, fans open
do the hens notice?

warmth of a spring morn
two deer lie low under tree
basking in the sun

cats racing through the house
excited to hunt after
winter's thin diet

Barbara Rottier, Vermontville


Pale beech leaves flutter
Remnants of autumn's glory
Fade slowly to spring

Hoo, hoohoo, hoo, hoo
Outside my bedroom window
An owl in the oak

Norway spruce cones fall
Then gathered by red squirrels
Who eat all the seeds

Peppers need water
Leeks already growing tall
Start tomato seeds

Garlic pushing up
Up thru last fall's heavy mulch
Growing very fast

Dragonfly eggs hatch
Nymphs eat all that venture close
Then adults emerge

Dragonflies on wing
Flying jewels of the sky
Dazzle all who see

Word: Odonata
Dragonflies and damselflies
Rainbows of colors

Bear tracks in the snow
Wander up from the river
Across our back yard

Vici Diehl


rush of swollen creek,
vast sky, more water, great day
for a funeral

Dr. I


Pale skin flakes from thirst
Dew soaks in the arid places
Supple limb emerges

Nanette Holt, Potsdam


Reaper in the wings
Golden cat, blood red robin
Not all flowers bloom

John Bean, Potsdam


Cellar door open
The frost is on the way out
Winter will be back

Tom Crowe, Jeffersonville VT


Rutted lane of muck
every crossing a gamble
spring rite of passage

Donna, Town of Saranac


A case of the flu
takes the charm out of living
in a cold climate

March, April and May
Snow hangs on, green Summer comes
In between, there's spring

Joe Hall, Lowville


worm seeks bright sunlight
robin finds hearty breakfast
cat completes food chain

Christina Fontana


Those that suffer now,
I wish you a healthful spring;
warm sun on your face.

Jan Washburn, Keeseville


Icicle, I mourn
Loyal Friend yet once again
Spring has set you free.

Jeanie Emm


Spring makes me babble
Like a brook, an idiot
Shedding fifty years

Dan Berggren, Ballston Spa


Chopping chopping ice
Melt in the rising sunshine
More blue skies coming

Bonnie Ohmann


Yellow-eyed perched owl
Watches winter snow melting
Warm sun on her back

Steve Murphy, North Creek


On my Tuesday walk
blackbirds singing oak-a-lee
high in the treetops.

Sinusses happy
to breathe the warm sweetness of
maple steam rising.

Laura Cordts


The ice in the drive
is turning into water
and dirty brown mud.

The channel is clear
The plaintive cry of the loon
is heard once again.

Gary J. Wallace, South Colton


A frozen lake thaws
in layers broken by day;
while cold of night tries

but cannot fix ice
before the growing sun turns.
We with tapping toes

wait for waves to break
against garnet-sparkled sand
too hot for bare feet.



Walk the dog,
Rake the lawn;
Good to be alive.

Ken Bowman


Springtime, first heat wave!
Computer class distraction
Wanna play hooky?

Katya and Chris


My mother did not want me
My father did not want me
But I am still here.

I was born in May
My daughter was born in May
I expected her with so much love.

My mother is dead
My father is dead
Spring is alive.

Claude Herdhuin


Warm drear setting in
Looks like rain will come tonight
Spring flowers will smile

Kenyon Wells, Sackets Harbor


Act 1: The bees. Act 3: Who? Us?
Mark Wilson, Saranac Lake


The days are warming
Sunshine competes with studies
When is the final?

Driving to my job
Snow increasing with each mile
Will it ever melt?

John Bean, Potsdam


Patch of winter grass
under the tall, broad pine tree
widens with each day.

Boilerplate snow crust
breaks through to knee-deep full stop
step through a vole’s roof

spring sun, dry days, breeze
and cars on sandy roads.
eyes blink, lips sputter.

Peter Wilson


Truculent April,
Fierce tantrums of wind and rain,
Holding Spring at bay.

April's rain shroud lifts
To reveal a world reborn.
Spirits rise again.

Ragged snow remnants,
Shopworn and soiled by Spring rains,
Discounted winter.

Kathy Rogers, Morristown


No more climbing snow
Piles just to get across the street.
It’s April, it’s Spring.



Though far from New York
I can feel your thawing 'streams.'
Thanks, NCPR!

Kevin Butler, Janesville, Wisconsin


Ice out will be soon
Water trickles everywhere
Launch the boat today

Rich Loeber, Saranac Lake


Three seasons at once
New grass, old ice and fresh mud
Together outside

Marie Ann Ward


An expectant grandma’s Spring

Behold just a bud
Growing in her swelling womb
My child is my spring

Carol Parker


Early riser. Red
rhubarb. Crisp in cool, spring soil.
Soon, there's talk of pie!

Todd Moe


Hush! what is that? Ah,
Sweet grass pushing up, old leaves
Whisper in the dark.



Now that light remains
Long after supper is done,
I see my kayak.

Galen Pletcher, Potsdam


Snow fence down
Mailbox reset

Bob Bouthillier


Six haiku from students age 7-12 at Little River School in Canton.

Puddles splash water
the air feels cool and calming
I know spring is here

Meghan Catling

I play in the grass
my hair swinging in my face
so glad it is spring

Nora Bradford

3. SUN
The sky is orange
I sit in the morning sun
Spring is here, for now

Gwen Smith

Bright sun rays warm me
I lay in the cool, green grass
It is surely spring

LRCS Middles class

The wind whips my hair
I hear the pounding of hooves
eventing season

Autumn Clark

6. MUD
I slosh out the door
worms basking near the puddles
rain falls on my hair

MacKenzie Corse

Submitted by middles teacher Maria Corse


Robins hop on ice.
Pussywillows bloom in snow.
Nature's annual show.

Jeanne Norris, Constable, NY


lone beech sapling
reaching for light

Jeffrey McMullen, Cuba NY


Blind blowing blizzard
Raucous robins reveling
in spring's sure promise

Peggy Lynn


Cold night's predicted
But the wood pile's getting low
Throw on a third quilt

I button my coat
Wren puffs his downy feathers
Against the cold wind

Bird seed lasts longer
When spring opens its buffet
And options abound

Bulbs burst with bright blooms
The sun's warmth feels like July
On the window sill

Kristee, Pittstown NY


Waiting for frog song.
See dirty snow, smell raw earth,

Hiked Azure today,
the snow pack is ripening.
Kicked my sorry butt.

David Raville


Hot In Florida
Snowy Back In Lake Placid
Warmth Best Souvenir

Erica M. Neufeld, Lake Placid


Spring flowers; my wife
Loves lilies of the valley.
I prefer lilacs.

Eric Richardson, Watertown


Snow and Canada
Geese honk overhead. Wait! No!
Snow geese flying south....

Naomi Bradshaw, Plattsburgh


life style in vermont
witness protection program
who we hiding from?

i found the gold egg
i glowed all the next day
got some magic beans?

crispy spring morning
earth happily basks in sun
spring afternoon slops

sleepy annika
“papa can you start a fire?”
school morning routine

Katya and Chris


New calf on hillside
Mountain forsythia glows
Green unfurls 'cross land

Mossy, Oak Hill too
Skitter creek and Hurricane
West Virginia!



The thud-thud of sap
into bucket, a heartbeat,
means Spring is alive.

Orion and dog
End their nightly winter hunt
to fade from the sky

The smell of warming
earth awakes the mind to dreams
of asparagus

Tom Riley


Spring is sometimes cold
harkening back to winter.
Don't despair, warmth soon.

Look, smell, listen, hear
Spring fills the senses.
Spring is real Haiku

Vivaldi, Mozart,
Respighi, Bach and Handel
They too welcomed spring.

Maureen Donovan-Laughlin, Stuart VA


I am so weary.
Cabin Fever, release me!
Robin, where art thou?

Oh my GOD! Will the
Snow EVER leave us this year?!
Summer, already!!!

Romeyn Prescott, Potsdam


Vero's Spring is quick!
So we'll let slip the lines and
Follow Spring back home.

David Friedrich, leaving Vero Beach for Clayton on his trawler.


Four seasons teach us
Time's flow, the cycle of life
The eternal now

Snow melts, flowers grow
I look within and without
renewal awaits

Bright day, full of sun
Spirits swell like tender buds
Ah! We needed this!

Young driver takes off
Hitting the highway of life
Free, strong, safe. Amen.

Lucy Martin, Ottawa


Not sure yet where spring
Is; somewhere someone said "soon."
I don't believe it.

Trout stream high and cold.
Where the hell are my waders?
On second thought, nah.

Michael Coffey, New York City


No hope to see ground,
Snow and ice still all around,
Signs of spring not found.

Mary, Minerva


Act 2: The bats
Mark Wilson, Saranac Lake


North Country reads
Lanuage of Baklava, ah...
words and food--lovely.

Susan Sweeney Smith, Cranberry Lake


Hard to think of Spring
before the river ice goes--
hard to think at all.

Is that a freight train
a hundred miles long, or wind
that keeps me from sleep?

Dale Hobson, Potsdam

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