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Public Radio Seeks Teens for Youth Website Project Retreat (5/22/02)

This summer, North Country Public Radio will continue its work with area teenagers to develop an online space for youth at a three-day retreat at Paul Smith's College, Paul Smiths, NY. The retreat will allow a group of 8-12 teens time to brainstorm and begin to create a website, with the North Country Public Radio web staff lending support and guidance. The station is seeking high-school students who are interested in participating in this opportunity, scheduled for the week of July 8th. The youth website project is made possible courtesy of a grant award from Verizon Foundation.

"The dream is to provide isolated rural youth with a virtual gathering space-a space that will be real and meaningful because it is built by teens," said Ellen Rocco, NCPR station manager. "We're grateful for the support from the Verizon Foundation that is making this dream become a reality."

Three Verizon regions came together to sponsor the NCPR request of the Verizon Foundation: Syracuse, NY (including Central, NY and the North Country), led by Thomas Owens; Albany, NY (N. East NY State), Marion Mittler; and Burlington, VT, Beth Fastiggi.

"Teens in the region will now have a virtual technology home to call their own," remarked Verizon's Thomas Owens. "We're excited to help make this happen for so many people. NCPR's ambitious plan to involve our young people in today's exciting web-based world, will help prepare them for digital economy."

The retreat will be led by NCPR's webmanager, Bill Haenel, NCPR's web outreach coordinator, Dale Hobson, NCPR's project coordinator, Shelly Pike, and student coordinator, Jeannette Aubrey. The goal is to introduce the new teen space by late fall 2002.

"NCPR and the Verizon Foundation are offering area students the resources to overcome some of the challenges of rural living by making a new community online," commented Shelly Pike, project coordinator. "Teens who might never have met will now be able to teach each other, learn from each other and entertain each other. The possibilities are almost endless. It's exhilarating to be part of a project that is fresh and forward-looking."

High school students with an interest in computer graphic design and the web, may contact coordinator Shelly Pike by phone or email ( to be considered for participation in the July retreat.

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