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Public Radio Call-in Program Braodcasts from Baghdad (4/11/03)

The Connection, a national call-in program produced by WBUR, Boston, distributed by National Public Radio®, and aired locally on North Country Public Radio, will be broadcasting live from Baghdad beginning Monday, April 14. The program is heard from 10:00 am until noon.

Host Dick Gordon will bring voices from Baghdad into The Connection's daily analysis of unfolding events and what the future holds for Iraq and its people. He will file daily reports from Iraq's capital city, where he spent two weeks prior to the Gulf War in 1991 as a foreign correspondent with CBC Radio. After returning to Iraq in 2001 on the 10th anniversary of the Gulf War, Gordon also produced a documentary based on his travels to Karbala and Babylon. Gail Harris, former ABC Nightline correspondent, will be co-hosting the program from the WBUR studios in Boston.

The following week, after leaving Iraq, Gordon will travel to Cairo, Egypt, where he will host programs that explore Arab world reactions to the American-led war in Iraq. While in Cairo, Gordon's guests on The Connection will include human rights activists, artists, writers, students and other voices rarely heard in the U.S. media.

Listeners can call The Connection at 1-800-423-TALK (1-800-423-8255) and can further participate in forums on the program's website at

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