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Voices from the Home Front: A Special Documentary & Call-in Program from North Country Public Radio (4/17/03)

North Country Public Radio will cap its in-depth regional coverage of the U.S.-led war in Iraq with a documentary and call-in program. The special broadcast will air on Thursday, April 24, beginning at 7 pm. The program will be hosted by NCPR News Director and veteran anchor Martha Foley.

NCPR has gathered voices and perspectives on the Iraq war from around the region. During the program, we'll hear from soldiers at Fort Drum and in Watertown, who've been called to serve. We'll talk to National Guardsmen, called away to serve in New York City. We'll revisit protests in Glens Falls and Ottawa. We'll examine the impact on cultural and economic ties across the U.S-Canada border, from Massena and Champlain, Plattsburgh and Ottawa. We'll also talk with families of servicemen and servicewomen who've followed the conflict. And we'll revisit local efforts to support the soldiers overseas.

The special broadcast will offer North Country listeners a chance to call in and express views on the war and its impact on the home front. What does this conflict say about American society? Does dissent at home show our weakness as a nation or our strength? Are we safer now that the Saddam Hussein regime is gone? What will the war effort mean to the U.S. economy? What's next for our military?

The number for listeners to call is 877-388-6277.

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