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North Country Public Radio Begins Fall On-Air Campaign (10/14/04)

A thirty-five year tradition continues this week with the 2004 North Country Public Radio Fall On-Air Fundraiser, scheduled for Monday, October 18 through Saturday October 23. The station will be using its airwaves to ask listeners to become members by making pledges via phone (877-388-6277) or on-line (

"The goal is $230,000," said station manager Ellen Rocco. "This represents nearly half of what we expect our listeners to contribute to the station this year. Listener contributions are the single largest source of revenue for the station; listener contributions make it possible for the station to acquire the best NPR and other national programs, and for the station to maintain its award-winning news department."

This year, the station returns to an earlier practice of offering "thank you" gifts donated to the station by artists, artisans and businesses from around the region. "We are so excited about the range of gifts contributed to the station," said June Peoples, the station's membership director. "When you tune in this week, as you hear us talk about these gifts, you are also hearing about the range of creative and business activity that characterizes our region. An incredible diversity of gifts are being made available to our listeners."

At the end of the fundraising week, the names of all who have contacted the station will be entered into a drawing for the Fundraiser Grand Finale Prize-a two-day stay at the fabulous Lake Placid Lodge. Anyone who contributes to the station by October 23, will be automatically entered into the drawing. This includes phone, mail and web pledges.
"What stands out for most of the staff during fundraiser week, is the level of enthusiasm and encouragement we hear from our listeners," said Ms. Peoples. "Fundraiser week validates the day-in, day-out work of the station."

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