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National Public Radio Ombudsman Visits the North Country (3/23/05)

Jeffrey Dvorkin, the National Public Radio (NPR) Ombudsman, will be in Canton on Wednesday, March 30 as a guest of North Country Public Radio (NCPR). Mr. Dvorkin will spend two hours on the NCPR airwaves answering listeners' questions about NPR, NPR news coverage of national and international stories, and general inquiries about news ethics and best practices. This special call-in program will air from 10:00 a.m. to noon on NCPR.

On Wednesday evening, Mr. Dvorkin will present a lecture on NPR and NPR news programs (including All Things Considered, Morning Edition and Talk of the Nation). This event, which is free of charge and open to the public, will be held in the Winston Room of the St. Lawrence University Student Center from 7:00-8:45 p.m. Mr. Dvorkin will take audience questions and comments following his remarks.

In addition to his position at NPR, Dvorkin currently serves as the President of the Organization of News Ombudsmen. Only 80 major news organization worldwide have ombudsmen. Dvorkin describes ombudsmen as "advocates for good journalism, for making (an) organization more transparent…more accountable." And, the ombudsman tries to "educate the public in the ways of journalism-so that listeners and viewers and readers are considered citizens first and media consumers second."

"We believe that Mr. Dvorkin's visit is very important for any public radio news listener and, ultimately, for anyone who uses the media for news coverage-which is most of us," said NCPR Station Manager Ellen Rocco. "I think of the ombudsman as the interface point between public radio news and our audience; as the person who digs deep and acts without bias in determining a story's fairness, balance and accuracy; and, the public watchdog who makes certain that our news coverage is complete. If you've ever yelled back at your radio or television, dissatisfied or even disgusted, you'll want to hear Mr. Dvorkin on NCPR or at his public appearance."

Dvorkin joined NPR in 1997 as Vice President for News and Information. In 2000, he became NPR's first Ombudsman, a position created, according to NPR's CEO Kevin Klose to underscore "…public radio's continued commitment to standards of editorial integrity…" and to provide "…listeners with a direct link to NPR." Prior to his tenure at NPR, Dvorkin served as Chief Journalist and Managing Editor for CBC Radio News, a division of the Canadian Broadcasting Company.

For more information about Jeffrey Dvorkin's North Country visit, call the station at 877-388-6277.

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