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North Country Public Radio to Focus on Global Issues (5/13/05)

North Country Public Radio has joined with public radio producers across the country to launch a worldwide conversation on living in a global society and America's place in an increasingly interconnected world. The station will broadcast documentaries, features, commentaries, global call-ins and public forums on topics ranging from the environment and economics to immigration and music. The week of special coverage, Think Global, will air on North Country Public Radio and on public radio stations across the country from May 16 through 22.

"Many of us know the adage to 'think global, act local,' but that's not so easy anymore," said Jackie Sauter, program director at North Country Public Radio. "How we work, what we wear, what we eat, how we communicate-almost everything we do is part of a complex web of global interactions. How does that web work? Where do we fit in? This week of special coverage will help listeners connect the dots--locally, nationally and internationally."

NCPR will air hours of special coverage on global issues during the week, including a worldwide call-in from London, Boston, and elsewhere, exploring the impact of global economic change on the lives of ordinary people, Saturday, May 21 from 2 to 4 pm.

For more information about Think Global on North Country Public Radio, visit NCPR's Think Global page. In-depth information and resources on globalization and global issues including maps, reports, quizzes, curriculum plans, multimedia activities are all available at

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