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Public Radio's StoryCorps Leaves Canton; Moves to Watertown 7/14/06

The national oral history project, StoryCorps, concludes a two-week stay in Canton and moves to Watertown Monday, July 17. Housed in a custom-designed Airstream trailer, the StoryCorps mobile recording booth will be parked in front of the Flower Memorial Library on Washington Street in Watertown until July 30. The first Watertown StoryCorps interview will be recorded Tuesday morning, July 18th, at 10:30am.

The StoryCorps visit gives people in the North Country the chance to tell their stories and be part of history. People come in pairs to talk about the significant events of their lives. At the end of the 40-minute session, participants receive a CD recording of the conversation. With permission, a copy also goes to the Library of Congress, and select excerpts are played on National Public Radio's Morning Edition, and on North Country Public Radio.

"More than 120 individuals from northern New York participated in StoryCorps recordings with loved ones and friends during the Story Corps Canton stay, and we are thrilled that an equal number of people will be able to be involved while the MobileBooth is parked in Watertown," according to North Country Public Radio Program Director Jackie Sauter. "If you have family visiting this month, this is a perfect opportunity to record some family history."

You can make a reservation by calling 800-850-4406, or via the StoryCorps website,

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