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North Country Public Radio Receives Second Round of Funding from New York State Music Fund for UpNorth Music

Canton, New York, Thursday, August 23, 2007 – North Country Public Radio has received a second grant, in the amount of $175,000, from the New York State Music Fund to continue the work of UpNorth Music, a special project created by the station to record North Country musicians and make their music available to New York State residents through on-air broadcast, online access and a concert series. The initial grant of $330,000, received in late 2006, has been used to record musicians in communities throughout the North Country over a 12-month period, provide professionally mixed recordings to musicians for their use, support creation of a website,, where visitors can find profiles of local performers, and underwrite a series of concerts that will take place in 2008.

The $175,000 just received will allow the station to upgrade its in-house recording studio in Canton and to make free recording sessions available to North Country musicians through an application process. Each month, starting in February 2008, North Country Public Radio will offer 10 hours of free recording time to musical acts in Northern New York. Applications will be accepted online at beginning in January 2008. The grant will also allow NCPR staff to turn the many hours of recordings collected during the first year of the project into a variety of features to be used in the station’s program schedule, and to further develop the project’s website.
According to station manager Ellen Rocco, “North Country Public Radio is very pleased that the New York State Music Fund has chosen to continue support for UpNorth Music. We’ve discovered many talented musicians during the first phase of the project, and realize that there are many others out there that we haven’t reached yet. We’re delighted to play a role in getting the work of local musicians out to a broad North Country audience.”

The New York State Music Fund was created when the New York State Attorney General’s Office resolved investigations against major record companies that had violated state and federal laws prohibiting “pay for play”, also called payola. The settlement agreement stipulated that funds paid by music businesses would support music education and appreciation for the benefit of the New York State residents. The grant program is administered by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors.

For complete information on this project, including the opportunity to listen to musicians already recorded, visit

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