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Public Radio Neighbors Agree on Lake Placid Service

North Country Public Radio (NCPR) and WAMC/Northeast Public Radio today announce that they have come to an agreement, in principle, which will help to insure the continuance of North Country Public Radio on the 91.7 frequency in Lake Placid. "The agreement," says North Country Public Radio station manager Ellen Rocco, "is a win-win for both stations. The simple action of withdrawing this application demonstrates responsiveness and leadership on the part of WAMC and provides the best outcome for both stations."

WAMC's President, Alan Chartock, agrees. "Our goal is to insure that public radio listeners in the Adirondacks have a diversity of radio stations providing quality, community oriented programming and this helps us achieve that. This agreement obviates the need to spend scarce resources to conduct a fight when by working together we can better serve the public."

Both stations expressed heartfelt thanks to their loyal listeners for their support during this process.

Under the agreement, WAMC will withdraw its current application for a full-power station at 91.7. If and when the FCC awards the license to NCPR, the existing translator license would be transferred to WAMC which will run it at a different frequency. The entire arrangement is subject to FCC approval.

Contact: Ellen Rocco or Jackie Sauter at NCPR/877-388-6277
Contact: Dona Frank at WAMC/800-323-9262X167

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