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North Country Public Radio's UpNorth Music Concert Series at the Clayton Opera House July 13

Canton, NY, Wednesday, June 25, 2008 - North Country Public Radio presents the third of six concerts in the 2008 UpNorth Music Concert Series at The Clayton Opera House on Sunday, July 13. The concert series is the culmination of a two-year grant from The New York State Music Fund that included a year-long tour of our region recording the work of more than 500 talented musicians, the development of a website showcasing their work, and a 3-CD set of 40 of the most memorable performances from the tour.

The Clayton event includes an Artisan Showcase and Sale from 10am-2:45pm and 5-6pm. The concert is from 3-5pm and includes three of the top performers from the recording tour:

Wreckloose: This Albany-based rock-n-roll band says their approach to harmonies and song structure makes them different from other rock bands. Politics, relationships-even filling out a job application-provide themes for their songs.

Scott Shipley: This singer/songwriter wants his listeners to know that the words of his songs matter. He often includes double entendres in his lyrics for the benefit of careful listeners.

Cullen's Cross: This band combines electric and acoustic music in their renditions of traditional Celtic tunes. While they still like to play coffee house gigs, Cullen's Cross appeals to a young dancing crowd with their more recent amplified sound.

The concert is free, but tickets are required. To reserve seats call 1-877-388-6277 or email your request to To find more information about our performers and listen to their music, visit NCPR's UpNorth Music website

UpNorth Music is supported by The New York State Music Fund established by the New York State Attorney General at Rockefeller Philanthrophy Advisors.

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