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StoryCorps in the North Country

North Country Public Radio has sponsored two North Country visits by StoryCorps. This national oral history project gives everyone the chance to record the stories of family and friends. Participants interview someone they know and love, get a CD to keep, and send a copy to the Library of Congress for future generations. With permission, selections are broadcast on local stations, and on national programs produced by NPR.

The StoryCorps mobile recording booth visted Saranac Lake in June 2008 and Glens Falls in July.

StoryCorps Interviews from NCPR

The StoryCorps mobile booth (an Airstream trailer) in Canton
The StoryCorps mobile booth (an Airstream trailer) in Canton

Inside StoryCorps

The StoryCorps mobile booth pulled into Canton this week. NCPR is hosting StoryCorps' visit to the North Country. It's a national initiative to document everyday history and stories of Americans. Interviews will be recorded for broadcast on public radio and for the Library of Congress. The StoryCorps mobile booth will be in Canton on the Village Green during the first two weeks of July. The booth then moves to the Flower Memorial Library in Watertown. Todd Moe spoke with facilitators Sarah Kramer and Lisa Janicki during their first full day in Canton.  Go to full article

StoryCorps to Visit the North Country

NCPR will host StoryCorps, the national oral history project that records stories of everyday people, next month. The StoryCorps MobileBooth makes stops in Canton and Watertown in July. NCPR Program Director Jackie Sauter tells Todd Moe about collecting stories from around the North Country.  Go to full article

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StoryCorps Homepage:

StoryCorps Features @ NPR

Jul 25, 2014 — Roger Alvarez didn't make it to graduation, but he still wants to thank his high school English teacher. (This StoryCorps interview first aired Jan. 29, 2012, on Weekend Edition.)
Jul 18, 2014 — County clerks are making news by defying the state's gay-marriage ban, but Clela Rorex got there first. Decades ago, she issued a groundbreaking license to the first openly gay people she'd ever met.
Jul 11, 2014 — Kai Leigh Harriott was paralyzed by a stray bullet when she was 3. Her sister, Aja David, was baby-sitting her at the time. The incident was tragic, but it also strengthened their connection.
Jul 4, 2014 — When he was a boy growing up in Chicago in the 1990s, Dekalb Walcott III says all the kids wanted to be like Michael Jordan. But not Dekalb. It was his dad, a fire chief, that he idolized.
Jul 2, 2014 — StoryCorps, the team that brings you conversations between loved ones, is now highlighting voices of the LGBTQ community. OutLoud brings a story about losing a partner while living in the closet.

The Interview:

Interior of the StoryCorps mobile booth.

At the MobileBooth, people participate in pairs - oftentimes friends or loved ones - and one interviews the other. A trained facilitator guides the participants through the interview process and handles the technical aspects of the recording. At the end of a 40-minute session, the participants walk away with a CD of their interview. With their permission, a second copy will be sent to the American Folklife Center (AFC) at the Library of Congress to become part of a high quality digital archive. This collection will eventually grow into an oral history of America. The project is sponsored by NPR (National Public Radio) and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.