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"My association with being a felon is probably the same as most people's: You're dehumanized. There's a stamp on your forehead that says 'you're less than.'" Photo: Natasha Haverty
"My association with being a felon is probably the same as most people's: You're dehumanized. There's a stamp on your forehead that says 'you're less than.'" Photo: Natasha Haverty

Alternatives to Incarceration: Back in the world

Today, the final part in a series about society's efforts to turn away from long-term incarceration for nonviolent offenders. In Part one, we met Jeff, a college-bound young man from Western New York who fell into serious drug addiction, broke into a pharmacy, and cycled through drug courts and rehab for years before being sentenced to prison.

But instead of serving a four year sentence, Jeff went to Moriah Shock, a bootcamp-style, six-month program in the Adirondacks. We left off yesterday when Jeff was three months away from his release, and feeling confident his time in Shock would help him stay drug and crime-free when he returned home.

"I mean obviously I'm not going to walk around, I'm not going to march around and call cadence, but it helps establish certain discipline that's essential through the program, and this is from the heart, I'm not just speaking to build up the program because I know whatever I say is going to be fine."

In Part three, producer Natasha Haverty finds Jeff back in the world, rebuilding his life and looking ahead.  Go to full article
A still from Gov. Andrew Cuomo's video address to the public on the budget. View that video <a href=""> at</a>.

Still controversy in approved $141.3B budget

The state legislature has passed a $141.3 billion state budget. Final passage occurred one week past lawmakers' s self imposed deadline, but three days before the spending plan was due to be finished.  Go to full article
Photo: <a href="">freefotoUK</a> CC <a href="">some rights reserved</a>

State budget boost not enough for NNY schools

North Country school districts did better in the final state budget than expected.

State senator Patty Ritchie says schools in Oswego, Jefferson and St. Lawrence Counties got $7 million more than the Governor had proposed, and a total of $25 million more than last year.

But many districts still struggling with to make ends meet.

Ann Adams is superintendent at the Hermon-DeKalb Central School. She says her district is on track to go broke in 2015.

So, the final state budget numbers are good news: an extra $140,000.  Go to full article
Warren County Emergency Medical Services conducts an emergency evacuation drill at Glens Falls Hospital. Photo via <a href="">Warren County Emergency Medical Services</a>

EMS volunteer numbers plummet in Warren, Washington Cos

The number of volunteers in the region's emergency squads continues to plummet. As volunteers leave, paid staff often has to fill the gap. That's an added financial...  Go to full article
Dan Berggren.  Photo: TAUNY

Preview: Dan Berggren at TAUNY

Singer-songwriter Dan Berggren shares new music from his latest CD, Tongues in Trees, at TAUNY in Canton on Saturday night (7 pm). The new recording marks Berggren's...  Go to full article

This weekend in the Adirondacks

John Warren from the Adirondack Almanack brings this weekly look at outdoor recreation conditions around the Adirondacks for the weekend.  Go to full article
The New York State Senate chamber. Photo: <a href="">JvL</a> CC <a href="">some rights reserved</a>

Senate passes late-night budget

The New York State Senate finished up voting on the state budget in a middle-of-the-night session that ended at 4:30 yesterday morning. It's part of a long-standing Albany...  Go to full article
Lunchtime in the mess hall. Photo: Natasha Haverty

Alternatives to Incarceration: into Shock prison

This week as part of our Prison Time Media Project, producer Natasha Haverty is looking at some of the...  Go to full article
Part of the 7.2 mile contaminated stretch of the Grasse. Photo: David Sommerstein.

Alcoa, Reynolds to pay $20M to clean up St. Lawrence

Alcoa and Reynolds Metals will pay almost $20 million to restore habitat and wildlife on the St. Lawrence River near Massena. The settlement ends a more than 20-year-old...  Go to full article
Bunchberry flower. Photo: <a href="">James Anderson</a>, CC some rights reserved

Natural Selections: Exploding Flowers

Some flowers open quickly, and some are even spring-loaded--like the venus fly trap--but the floral deployment speed record belongs to the lowly dogwood relative, the...  Go to full article
Laura Von Rosk's <i>Mt. Coleman</i>.  The gallery talk on Saturday at Tannery Pond Community Center (4 pm) will include video work from filmmaker Hilary Hudson and musician Henry Kaiser.  Photo: Laura Von Rosk

Exploring art and science at the bottom of the world

An artist and a scientist will unveil a new exhibit Saturday afternoon at the Tannery Pond Community Center in North Creek. AntARTica includes works by artist Laura...  Go to full article
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