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Medicaid Recipients Uncertain; Pataki Still Holds Veto Power

These are tense weeks for Medicaid recipients. Last week, the legislature restored Governor Pataki's proposed Medicaid cuts. But Pataki still has line-item veto power to make irreversible cuts to the budget. And many advocates fear he'll use it  Go to full article

NY to Crackdown on Internet Cigarette Sales

The State Tax Commissioner says the Pataki Administration will crack down on residents who buy tax-free cigarettes over the Internet on web sites run by Native American tribes. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
Lake Placid Film Festival ends run

Lake Placid Film Festival Fades To Black After 5-Year Run

The Lake Placid Film Festival won't go on this summer. The event lost twenty thousand dollars last year. Ticket sales were flat, despite an appearance by legendary director Martin Scorcese. As Chris Knight reports, organizers say there wasn't enough sponsorship support to stage a quality festival.  Go to full article

Commentary: How to Fix Social Security

For some time President Bush has been sounding an alarm that funds to support the Social Security system will begin to run short before many people now in the work force...  Go to full article

Remembering Watertown's "Iron Block"

The main square in downtown Watertown looks very different this week. Workers are demolishing three buildings on Public Square known as the Iron Block. They were built in...  Go to full article

Preview: 3rd Annual Burt Symposium at SLU

A day long symposium at St. Lawrence University Thursday will take another look at the North Country's economic, environmental and educational vitality, and ways to encourage...  Go to full article
The Johnsburg Historical Society hosts the first in a series of bicentennial events tonight at Tannery Pond Community Center, North Creek.

Johnsburg Begins Bicentennial Festivities

Historians in the Town of Johnsburg will unveil their time capsule tonight (7 pm) in North Creek. It's part of a year-long town bicentennial celebration. Todd Moe talks...  Go to full article

Former Fort Drum Soldier Arrested for Murder

A former Fort Drum soldier is charged with killing two sisters. Their bodies were found in a Watertown apartment.  Go to full article

NY Lawmakers Target "Modem Hijacking"

Two Majority Party state legislators are sponsoring a bill to crack down on Internet scammers who use people's modems to make illegal long distance telephone calls. Karen...  Go to full article

Assembly Releases Final Report on Death Penalty Statute

The State Assembly released a final report on hearings it held recently on whether to reinstate New York's death penalty statute. The report raises questions but draws no...  Go to full article

North Country Catholics Mourn the Pope

Catholic churches across the North Country will hold special Memorial Masses for Pope John Paul the Second on Thursday. St. Mary's Cathedral in Ogdensburg will hold a...  Go to full article
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