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All Before Five: 04/24/12

Brian Mann reports on the "ho-hum" New York State republican primary today. Canton's controversial new zoning law has some agricultural land becoming residential, and that has some crying foul. And we'll hear from one young man who's moved back to the North Country from Chicago.  Go to full article

Readers and Writers: Mark Slouka

Slouka is the SLU Viebranz Visiting Professor of Creative Writing whose work has been translated into 18 languages. His novels include God's Fool and the Visible World; and his non-fiction includes Essays from the Nick of Time: Reflections and Refutations and War of the Worlds: Cyberspace and the High-Tech Assault on Reality. Ellen Rocco and Paul Graham host.

The author will give a reading Thu., April 26 at 7:30 pm in the Sykes Common Room on the campus of St. Lawrence University, Canton NY.  Go to full article
Tim Morse loved life in Chicago, where attractions like the Cloud Gate sculpture are all around (Photos provided)

Vanishing Youth: Why do some young people stay?

This week, we're beginning an on-going series looking at the future of the North Country from the perspective of young people. New research from Cornell University shows counties in our region continuing to age, with fewer young families, fewer young professionals and fewer kids.

In the weeks ahead, we'll be looking at this problem from a lot of different angles. Today, Brian Mann talks with Tim Morse, a North Country native who made a different choice, returning and making a career in the region.

Tim, who is 26 years old, arrived back home earlier this month, leaving Chicago to take a job at SUNY Potsdam. He spoke with Brian right after getting off the road.  Go to full article

NY GOP looks past Tuesday's primary to election

New York's Presidential primary is Tuesday, but the initial excitement over the vote vanished when Rick Santorum dropped out earlier this month. State GOP leaders say they...  Go to full article

Storm brings a slushy reality check

A spring nor'easter covered much of the state with a snowy and slushy mix Sunday night and Monday morning. About 5,000 utility customers remain without power in parts of...  Go to full article
Proposed zoning changes in the Town of Canton. See full-size map link below

Concerns about right-to-farm in town rezoning plan

The town of Canton planning board wants to clear the air about its efforts to create more land for housing. The board is looking to rezone some areas from agricultural to...  Go to full article
A frost-damaged apple blossom.

Weather challenges fruit growers

New York's fruit growers are suffering through an uncertain time. The freak snow storm Monday only added to that uncertainty. The Innovation Trail's Matt Richmond reports....  Go to full article
Harriet Tubman in the 1880s

Remembering an Underground Railroad icon

Todd Moe talks with Syracuse University historian Milton Sernett, an expert on African American history. He'll give two talks in Canton on Thursday on Harriet Tubman, and the...  Go to full article

All Before Five: 04/23/12

The first installment in Brian Mann's series on young people moving out of the North Country. Becca Johnson grew up in the tiny town of Rossie in the St. Lawrence...  Go to full article
Becca Johnson at her office in Manhattan (Photos provided by Becca Johnson and Mark Scarlett)

Vanishing Youth: Why do young people choose to leave the North Country?

This morning, we begin on an on-going series, looking at the problem of young people in the North Country. Across the US, rural towns and villages face a dangerous drain of...  Go to full article
Monday morning snow left some residents unimpressed. Photo: John Stanford

Sudden winter snow "Mother Nature's payback", says metoerologist

The snow has mostly turned to rain Monday afternoon, but a spring nor'easter covered much of the North Country with a snowy and slushy mix Sunday night and Monday morning....  Go to full article
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