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Chip Taylor, one of America's leading Monarch butterfly experts and activists, visited Tupper Lake over the weekend. Photo:  Brian Mann
Chip Taylor, one of America's leading Monarch butterfly experts and activists, visited Tupper Lake over the weekend. Photo: Brian Mann

Monarch butterfly population plummets

This summer, scientists and naturalists say the population of Monarch butterflies here in the North Country, Vermont and Canada is down sharply.

The great migration of Monarch butterflies from Mexico to our part of the world has faced a lot of threats over the years, everything from habitat loss to climate change.

But researchers say the latest fear is that new farm herbicides and roadside mowing techniques could be wiping out stands of milkweed -- a plant that monarchs need in order to reproduce.

Over the weekend, one of the country's top butterfly experts, Chip Taylor, visited the Wild Center in Tupper Lake. He sat down with Brian Mann.  Go to full article
Brian Mann interviewing Monarch butteflies in the mountains of central Mexico in 2002. Photo:  Susan Waters

Story 2.0: Mexico's fragile Monarch sanctuary

Monarch butterflies that make the long journey from the North Country to Mexico face a lot of threats.

They winter over in mountain forests, taking shelter in trees that loggers also prize, taking up land coveted by poor subsistence farms.  Go to full article
Looking down on the action at Airborne Park. All photos: Sarah Harris

Almost airborne at Airborne Park Speedway

Fans, friends and families have been coming to Plattsburgh's Airborne Park Speedway for stock car racing since 1955. Since those old days stockcar racing has become a national phenomenon, one of the nation's favorite spectator sports.

But on this popular regional track, the passion is more personal. The cars are mostly homemade and the drivers range from teens to retirees.

"Stock" doesn't really say it all about these cars, or the people who love them. Sarah Harris went to the track and sends this postcard.  Go to full article
Montreal artist Aquil Virani (in gray) chats over a collection of doodles with a group of new students at Paul Smiths College.  Photo:  Todd Moe

Aquil Virani: revealing the artist in everyone

New artwork created during Welcome Week at Paul Smiths College will be unveiled this afternoon. A Canadian visual artist worked with first year Paul Smiths students over the...  Go to full article
Gov. David Paterson. Photo: <a href="">David Shankbone</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

NY's first black governor recalls March on Washington

This week America is remembering and reconsidering one of the most influential moments in our nation's history. Fifty years ago on Wednesday, Martin Luther King delivered his...  Go to full article
Israel Keyes (top right) being interrogated by FBI investigators a few days before he committed suicide in 2012.  (Photo:  Screen capture of FBI video)

Israel Keyes video shows cunning, remorseless killer

This month, the FBI made public more information about the serial killer Israel Keyes, whose murder spree included time in the North Country and Vermont. Authorities believe...  Go to full article
Actors Lucy Lee Flippin (center) and Dean Butler (second from right) helped cut the ribbon at the opening of the replica 1860's schoolhouse on the Wilder Homestead near Malone on Saturday.  Photo:  Todd Moe

A little schoolhouse in the woods

A replica 19th century one-room schoolhouse was officially opened at the Wilder Homestead, near Malone, on Saturday. Hundreds of fans of Laura Ingalls Wilder's Farmer...  Go to full article
Piriform tomatoes ripening on the vine. Photo: Jeanne Emery,<br />Watertown NY, from Photo of the Day archive

Fall's in the air, but it's still summer in the garden

Yes, there's definitely a chill around the edges, but it's still August, and there's still plenty of gardening weather ahead.
Cornell Cooperative Extension's Amy Ivy...  Go to full article
Algonquin Park Wolves. Photo: <a href="">JDB Photos</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Howling for wolves

The Eastern Timber Wolf lived across the eastern United States before humans virtually erased it from the landscape. But in some parts of Canada, the Eastern Wolf is alive...  Go to full article
Nighttime in Algonquin Park. Photo: <a href="">abuakel</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Listen: Wolf howl sound check

You just heard a public wolf howl at Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario. But that event can only take place if park naturalists actually hear wolves the night before,...  Go to full article
Pres. Obama speaking on college affordabilty in Buffalo. Photo: <a href="">Office of Gov. Cuomo</a>

Obama tours his education plan upstate

President Obama cruised across Upstate New York yesterday in his black "Ground Force One" tour bus. Hundreds of people cheered and snapped pictures as the bus rumbled down...  Go to full article
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