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Children's Camps in the Adirondacks

Camp Severance, ca. 1920. © 2003 The Adirondack Museum
Camp Severance, ca. 1920. 2003 The Adirondack Museum

Adirondack Kids Camps: Summer Through the Eyes of Children

The Adirondack Museum opens today for the summer season. A major new exhibition looks at the history of the region's summer camps. For millions of children, especially kids from the cities, summer camp is a first introduction to the north woods. Brian Mann spent a day with the show's curator and sends this preview.  Go to full article

Hiking group, Adirondack Woodcraft Camps, ca. 1960. © 2003 The Adirondack Museum

Archery at Camp Navarac ca. 1960. © 2003 The Adirondack Museum

Camp Windymere, Blue Mountain Lake, 1918. © 2003 The Adirondack Museum

Morning exercise, Camp Red Wing, ca. 1930. © 2003 The Adirondack Museum

Above left: There was a time when Girl Scouts made their own uniforms. Above right: A totem pole from a 1920s camp on Long Lake. Below: Adirondack Museum exhibit curator Halle Bond. © 2003 The Adirondack Museum

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