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Soldiers of the Third Brigade Combat Team leave the field. Photo: Natasha Haverty
Soldiers of the Third Brigade Combat Team leave the field. Photo: Natasha Haverty

As Ft. Drum closes down one brigade, what's next for the base?

Earlier this month, the 10th Mountain Division's 3rd Brigade Combat Team cased its colors for the last time. There are 3500 soldiers in the unit--this inactivation comes as part of reductions the Pentagon announced last year. But it's still not clear what's planned for Fort Drum, the region's biggest economic driver.

The Pentagon plans to reduce the size of the Army by another 70,000 soldiers over three years. But it remains unclear which bases will endure those cuts.

Senator Chuck Schumer came to Watertown last spring to assure the community that Fort Drum has "a glowing future".

"And the 10th Mountain Division is exactly the kind of highly trained, nimble and tactical unit the Army wants to be the new standard for all our Armed Forces. Fort Drum should be at the epicenter of our country's future military."

But people around the base are anxious that this month's inactivation ceremony was just the beginning of more downsizing.  Go to full article
The Mangrove rivulus, a species of Caribbean killifish, can survive out of water for months, hiding inside damp mangrove logs. Photo: <a href="">USGS</a>

What can fish do when the water goes away?

From walking catfish to "snakeheads" to species of killifish, some fish actually survive outside of water for a surprising length of time.

Martha Foley and Dr. Curt Stager discuss the old cliche "like a fish out of water," and about the strategies some fish use to do just fine out there in the air.  Go to full article