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Podcasting: Explained!

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It's not easy to listen to the radio every day. You have work, you have things to do. You can't always be there to listen when we come on.

There's this new technology called 'podcasting.' It lets you set up your computer to automatically download public radio and other programs and listen to them whenever you want. You don't need an iPod to do it.

Now, we at North Country Public Radio are still new to this. Right now you can't podcast The Eight O'Clock Hour. But you can podcast Natural Selections, Martha Foley's weekly conversations Dr. Curt Stager. And our weekly callouts to horticulturist Amy Ivy. You can also podcast our afternoon news show, All Before Five, hosted by Gregory Warner.

David Sommerstein joined Gregory in the studio to take us step by step through the podcasting process.

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