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All Before Five: 10/24/07

Governors in New York, Vermont, Massachusetts and four other states want the Environmental Protection Agency to curb mercury pollution in the northeast... Even as review of the Adirondack Park and Resort project resumes, doubts surface over the developer's intent to continue... And our look at wind farms continues with a look at the people shaping wind farms' future: town councils.  Go to full article

Local boards grapple with the wind

More than a dozen towns along the rooftop of New York State, from Jefferson County to Clinton County, are caught up in a "wind rush". Big corporations from Spain, Portugal, England, and the United States are scrambling to take advantage of federal "green" energy tax credits before they expire. The wind farms offer several million dollars in land contracts and property taxes to struggling rural communities. But in doing so, they stir up deep resentment between people who stand to gain from them, and people who don't, but still have to look at and listen to giant windmills spinning 24 hours a day. The task of regulating this new industry falls to each local town council. In part two of a series on the latest wind power developments in the North Country, David Sommerstein reports local lawmakers can end up over their heads in politics, science, and money.  Go to full article

Adirondack Council faces questions, controversy over Tupper resort

A public hearing resumes today in Tupper Lake, reviewing plans for the Adirondack Club and Resort. The 700-unit development would be the largest single project in the Park's history. One of the resort's fiercest and most controversial critics is the Adirondack Council, a pro-environment group. Some locals have accused the Council of making inaccurate statements as it fights to block the project. In an editorial published last month, the Adirondack Daily Enterprise accused the environmental organization of being "patronizing...and kind of clueless." Brian Mann sat down recently to discuss the project and the controversy with Council spokesman John Sheehan. Sheehan says he doubts the Big Tupper project will be approved in its current form.  Go to full article

Feds detain 5 from Hopkinton farm

The U.S. Border Patrol detained five illegal immigrants earlier this month in St. Lawrence County. Border patrol agents, state police, and local police officers chased the...  Go to full article

Saranac Lake man arrested for bomb-making

State police have arrested a Saranac Lake man after they were tipped off about bomb-making equipment in his home. Herbert Reynolds, age 42, is being held in the Franklin...  Go to full article

Partisanship silences debate over licensing plan

Assembly Republicans tried to force majority party Democrats to vote on a bill to rescind Governor Spitzer's driver's license plan for undocumented immigrants, but Democrats...  Go to full article
Chris Seiler (above) and Chris Johnston (below)

Shakespeare on-the-road in Canton

The American Shakespeare Center On Tour is at St. Lawrence University this week with performances of "The Taming of the Shrew", "Henry V" and "The Merchant of Venice". The...  Go to full article