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All Before Five: 7/30/08

Governor David Paterson says the state must now cut hundreds of millions of dollars from the budget... The dramatic rise in the cost of heating oil is cause for concern across the North Country... And Amish beliefs are set to conflict with state building codes in a Morristown court room.  Go to full article
Jane "Granny" Bashaw, Katie Cariffe, and Lee Ann Pierce fear this winter's high heating costs.

North Country prepares for winter heating crisis

It's still plenty hot outside, but North Country residents are already bracing for the cold. Heating oil prices have almost doubled. Kerosene and natural gas are way up, too. People are scared. Local officials fear a season-long crisis, with people have to choose between eating and staying warm. Many communities are taking unprecedented steps to get prepared. David Sommerstein has the first of two reports.  Go to full article

Paterson calls lawmakers back to tackle deficit

Saying it's time for New York to cut up it's credit cards, Governor David Paterson says he'll be issuing a plan to downsize the state budget, and will call the legislature back into session in August to approve it. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Judge says Amish case can proceed

A small town on the St. Lawrence River is going forward with a legal case against eight Amish residents. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article
General Walter Martin Mansion

Martin mansion on historic register

Walter Martin's Lewis County mansion is now on the state register of historic places. Martin was a member of George Washington's staff during the Revolutionary War. Martha...  Go to full article

Arctic summer of fire and ice

The Arctic is melting this summer. But, that melting is not as severe as it could be. Lester Graham reports a haze filters out some of the sun's rays.  Go to full article
Captain Honk hits the shoreline on Pillar Point.

Summertime and the fish are bitin?

Tom Bintz is an angler and artist who spends most of his time along the eastern shore of Lake Ontario. He turns junk found along the shoreline into fish sculptures. It's...  Go to full article

Preview: ?My Fair Lady? in Potsdam

The classic musical, "My Fair Lady", is the summer Community Performance Series musical this week in Potsdam. Todd Moe has a preview.  Go to full article