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All Before Five: 04/05/12

The state has reclassified the Croghan Dam in Lewis County as "low-risk"--we'll hear more on that and get an insight into how the dam--until recently--generated power. And Potsdam reveals plans for river-based downtown revitalization. Also, New York state residents overwhelmingly say they'd like an increase in the minimum wage.  Go to full article
Bob Schwarzer working on the construction of the hydro plant, back in 2008

Potsdam hydro project almost done; village sues supplier

It's been more than a decade since Potsdam started planning a new hydroelectric power plant where the Raquette River winds through the village. The plant is almost ready to start generating electricity.

Construction ramped up recently after the last of the needed parts for the generating station were finally delivered. Meanwhile, village officials are set to sue a supplier they say delayed progress for years.  Go to full article
The Croghan Island Mill  Photo: David Sommerstein

Croghan dam reclassified as "low risk"

People working to save the small, historic dam in Croghan from demolition recently got something of a reprieve. The state Department of Environmental Conservation has reclassified the old concrete dam. The two-part structure on the Beaver River was previously listed as "high risk", that could cause death and serious damage if it breached. After the assessment, however, the dam is now considered a low risk structure.  Go to full article
John Martin in the main woodworking shop.

How it works: a tour of the Croghan Island Mill

At one time, there were four mills located at the Croghan Dam, on each side of the Beaver River. John Martin is owner and operator of the last remaining, the Croghan Island...  Go to full article

Voters deliver split decision on how Albany works

A new poll finds that while New Yorkers still think very highly of Governor Cuomo, they are not as happy with recent developments in Albany that include a secretive, middle...  Go to full article

Most New Yorkers support raising minimum wage, poll shows

A new poll finds the overwhelming majority of New Yorkers would like to see the state raise its minimum wage. Governor Cuomo does not rule the proposal out. Karen DeWitt...  Go to full article

New York may see GOP primary battle

Mitt Romney swept three contests in Tuesday's Republican presidential primaries, broadening his support among conservatives in Wisconsin, Maryland and the District f...  Go to full article
Spotted salamander on a leaf. Photo: USDOT

Natural Selections: Spotted Salamander

The first warm, rainy night of spring is the best time to spot this amphibian, while they migrate to forest pools for mating. Martha Foley and Dr. Curt Stager discuss this...  Go to full article

Stories, pictures from a childhood in Nicholville

An artist with family roots in the Adirondacks has re-issued a book that pays tribute to her grandparents and the region. Leigh Chapman grew up on Long Island, but spent her...  Go to full article