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All Before Five: 04/23/12

The first installment in Brian Mann's series on young people moving out of the North Country. Becca Johnson grew up in the tiny town of Rossie in the St. Lawrence Valley--mostly without indoor plumbing--and now she lives in Manhattan. And we check in with the national weather service on last night and this morning's sudden snow--and look ahead to the rest of the week.  Go to full article
Becca Johnson at her office in Manhattan (Photos provided by Becca Johnson and Mark Scarlett)

Vanishing Youth: Why do young people choose to leave the North Country?

This morning, we begin on an on-going series, looking at the problem of young people in the North Country. Across the US, rural towns and villages face a dangerous drain of young people who are moving away, choosing a different way of life in cities and suburbs.

The exodus of twenty- and thirty-somethings has huge implications for community life, reshaping the economy, shrinking schools, making it harder to sustain volunteer fire departments and other basic services.

In the days and weeks ahead, we'll be looking at this challenge from many different angles, hearing many different voices.

But we begin with Brian Mann's story of one young woman who grew up in Rossie, in the St. Lawrence Valley, but chose to live and raise her family far away from the North Country.  Go to full article
Monday morning snow left some residents unimpressed. Photo: John Stanford

Sudden winter snow "Mother Nature's payback", says metoerologist

The snow has mostly turned to rain Monday afternoon, but a spring nor'easter covered much of the North Country with a snowy and slushy mix Sunday night and Monday morning. Schools were closed or delayed across the area, and slippery roads led to a number of minor accidents. People across the area also lost power, although there weren't any major outages in the North Country. Meanwhile, thousands lost power in in Western New York and the Southern Tier.  Go to full article

Fort Drum contributes $1.6 billion to region's economy in 2011

It's common sense that Fort Drum plays a big role in the North Country economy. Just how big is the subject of a report the post puts out every year, called the annual...  Go to full article

Vermont calls for Citizens United repeal

Last week the Vermont legislature passed a resolution calling for a constitutional amendment overturning the Supreme Court's 2010 Citizens United ruling.

That's...  Go to full article
Canton Town Supervisor David Button, Town Clerk Lisa Hammond, Council member James Smith, and Highway Superintendent Terry Billings

E-waste drop-off opens for St. Lawrence County residents

The town of Canton has opened a drop-off site for e-waste. St. Lawrence County residents can dispose of old computers, TVs, and cellphones at the town barn on Stiles Avenue....  Go to full article

Another way to give seeds a head start

The snow and cold rain today are a disappointing sort of counterpoint to this season's early warm spells. True, we need the moisture, but lots of gardeners will be looking...  Go to full article