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Josh Jones, an Army veteran who served two tours in Iraq, takes a chemistry test at Paul Smiths College. Photo: Mark Kurtz
Josh Jones, an Army veteran who served two tours in Iraq, takes a chemistry test at Paul Smiths College. Photo: Mark Kurtz

Young vets face job discrimination, high unemployment

This week in honor of Veteran's Day, we're looking at the experience of young service members making the transition back to the civilian economy.

For generations, one path to the middle class has been military service. Spending time in uniform offered a way for poor and working class Americans to gain job skills and build their resumes.

But these days many young veterans who served in Afghanistan and Iraq are struggling with high unemployment, poverty and homelessness. At Paul Smiths College, young vets in a support group say they're worried that their wartime experience is actually making it harder for them to find good, stable jobs as they face discrimination from some employers.  Go to full article

Saranac Lake fight leads to hate crime charge

A Franklin County man has been arrested in connection with a racially charged incident that happened outside of Saranac Lake bar late in October.

The arrest follows criticism of the Saranac Lake Police Department by some community members who were upset that an arrest wasn't made sooner. But the police department says it wanted to conduct a thorough investigation before filing charges.  Go to full article
Just 10 days after Hurricane Sandy, a Nor'easter dumped several inches of snow over much of the Northeast. But a new study indicates New York could be seeing a lot fewer cold blasts in the future. Photo (Sourland Mountain, NJ): <a href="">Vilseskogen</a>, CC <a href="">some rights reserved</a>

Climate change may lead to much warmer NY

In the coming century will New York warm up by three degrees Fahrenheit and have a climate like Richmond, Virginia?

Or will it warm by eight degrees and become more like the state capital of Georgia, a city with the nickname "Hotlanta"?  Go to full article
Snow geese off Point au Roche on Lake Champlain. Photo: Tom Cohen

Heard Up North: masses of snow geese

Thousands of geese are crowding the North Country's skies, lakes, and cornfields on their way south for the winter. A first-hand listen to Snow Geese massing in one Lake...  Go to full article
Adam Levin. Photo courtesy the author

Chicago writer Adam Levin visits SUNY Canton

SUNY Canton will host Chicago writer Adam Levin on Wednesday night as part of their "Living Writers Reading Series." Levin is the author of the award-winning The...  Go to full article
Photo: Todd Moe

CPS boosts local libraries

Community Performance Series in Potsdam has launched a project to benefit area school libraries. CPS is asking patrons to donate favorite books -- from every genre -- as...  Go to full article