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NY far ahead on health exchange

The Obama administration is giving states an extra month to decide if they plan to create their own health care exchanges, the core of the new federal health care law. States were initially supposed to decide by last Friday. In states that don't do it themselves, the federal government plans to create exchanges.

The deadline isn't an issue in New York. Peter Constantakes is spokesman at the state department of health. He says New York is far ahead, and submitted its application to move forward with the exchange last month.  Go to full article
The new report finds New York's income disparity is caused in part by Wall Street's high salaries. Photo: <a href="">Manu_H</a>, CC <a href="">some rights reserved</a><br />

Report finds growing income disparity in NY state

A new report from a union-funded think tank finds that New York has the greatest income disparity in the nation. The Fiscal Policy Institute says that trend is continuing, with the top one percent gaining more financial resources, while the middle class falls behind and the numbers of poor increase.  Go to full article
Gen. David Petraeus testifying before a congressional committe in 2009 about U.S. forces in Afghanistan. Photo: <a href="">Talk Radio News Service</a>, CC <a href="">some rights reserved</a>

Soldiers, family members reflect on fidelity in wake of General Petraeus's affair

Marital fidelity is a sensitive subject for many in the military. Relationships are stressed by distance, frequent moves and the dangers of war. Gen. David Petraeus's admission that he had an extramarital affair has led some Fort Drum families to reflect on the difficulties of keeping their personal relationships whole - and their image among a public that often doesn't understand their culture.  Go to full article
Kohlrabi for sale at the Canton farm market last summer. Photo: Julie Grant

Cooking up something new: kohlrabi

Food is on many a mind as Thanksgiving approaches. Of course, there will be potatoes, squash, and green beans for the big meal. But what about something different?
...  Go to full article
Mark J. Gillis. Photo: Courtesy <em>Adirondack Daily Enterprise</em>

Local broker barred for fraud

An investment banker and securities broker from Saranac Lake has been barred from the securities industry for defrauding his customers out of hundreds of thousands of...  Go to full article
Lime may be good for your lawn, but sprinkling some on in the fall may not be the way to apply it. Photo: <a href="">Susy Morris</a>, CC <a href="">some rights reserved</a>

Liming the lawn not as easy, or useful, as it sounds

The weather is still just fine for lots of outdoor chores. You could still sneak in a little window-washing, or move a few more piles of brush and leaves.

But...  Go to full article