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The New York State Senate chamber. Photo: <a href="">JvL</a> CC <a href="">some rights reserved</a>
The New York State Senate chamber. Photo: JvL CC some rights reserved

New coalition of Republicans, breakaway Dems in NY Senate

An ongoing leadership fight in the New York State Senate has been resolved.

A breakaway Democratic faction is joining with Republicans to form a new governing coalition. It sustains the working relationship between Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the Senate GOP, and the independent Democrats.

The coalition calls it a "historic, bipartisan" partnership. Remaining Democrats call it a coup.  Go to full article
NY State Sen. Betty Little (file photo). Photo: Mark Kurtz

Little says Senate power-sharing deal spared NY chaos

Behind-the-scenes political maneuvering in Albany has produced a new kind of power-sharing coalition never before seen in New York state.

Brian Mann caught up with North Country state Senator Betty Little Tuesday, just a few minutes after the deal was unveiled.

The Republican from Queensbury says the deal grew out of growing collaboration in recent years between lawmakers in her party and a small group of independent Democrats.  Go to full article
1000 high school students will gather at the New York State Museum today. Photo: <a href="">JasonParis</a>, CC <a href="">some rights reserved</a>

Canton/ Potsdam students headed to protest in Albany

About 1,000 high school students and teachers from around New York are traveling to Albany Wednesday to lobby lawmakers to increase spending on schools. A busload of 30 students from Canton and Potsdam will be among them.

When leaders in the Canton Central schools worry publicly about losing sports, arts, pre-kindergarten, and other programs because they're going broke, they're not alone. A recent survey of New York school superintendents found that a quarter of districts in the North Country think they'll be insolvent in two years if things don't change.

Chad Raddock is organizing concerned districts under the group Educate New York-Now. He says 15 busloads of students and teachers are on their way to Albany.  Go to full article
Brandon Mendelson. Photo: Matthew Farenell

Former marketing consultant calls social media "B.S."

There's no avoiding social media these days--even if you're not on the internet, TV commercials urge you to like companies on Facebook or follow them on Twitter, newscasters...  Go to full article
John Eddy's 1818 map of the Adirondack/North Country region.  Photo: Adirondack Museum

Adirondack Attic: an 1818 map of the North Country

Andy Flynn visits the Adirondack Museum for a closer look at an early 19th century map of the region.

Published in 1818, the map was divided into four sections,...  Go to full article