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New studies show NY school funding not meeting court order

It's been nearly ten years since New York's highest court ruled that the state needed to better fund schools, and an attorney who helped litigate that case says it may be time to head back to court on the issue.

Michael Rebell is director of the Campaign for Educational Equity at Columbia University's Teachers College. His group has just released two studies of "high needs" schools around the state, and found that they aren't meeting minimum state standards.  Go to full article
The mobile poultry slaughterhouse under construction. Photo courtesy <a href="">North Country Pastured</a>

Chicken processors nearly on line

Almost ten years ago, a visiting speaker at St. Lawrence University planted a seed. Economist Michael Shuman told an audience that farmers could jolt the North Country economy by producing a lot more meat. "You have a lot more room to produce your own beef cows," Shuman told the Burt Symposium in 2003. "You could produce a lot more of your own pigs. And chickens are not even in the game."

Community leaders have recalled that advice, to have the thousands of local residents who eat chicken buy it from a local farm, many times since.

The idea is about to bear fruit. The first USDA certified poultry slaughterhouses in the North Country are nearly set to begin production.  Go to full article
Students order up pizza at AA Kingston Middle School in Potsdam. Photo: Julie Grant

USDA revises school lunch rules

The federal government is easing its new rules for school lunches. In a letter to members of Congress Friday, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said the USDA would remove calorie limits on grains and meats in schools.

At the same time, Vilsack defended the program put in place last fall. He wrote it's ensuring twice the amount of fruits and vegetables in school lunches, and a "substantial" increase in the use of whole grains.  Go to full article
A tanker trucks transports water for hydrofracking operations in Susquehanna County, Pa. Photo: Marie Cusick

NY water regulations raise concerns about fracking

New York's Department of Environmental Conservation appears to be nearing the end of its four-year hydrofracking review. If the DEC gives an OK to the controversial drilling...  Go to full article
The New York State Senate chamber. Photo:  <a href="">JvL</a> CC <a href="">some rights reserved</a>

Senate coalition responds to diversity critics

The newly formed coalition of Republicans and Democrats who will run the New York State Senate in January made its first public appearance yesterday. The senators responded...  Go to full article
Photo: Lisa M. Macias, via Wikimedia Commons

Thruway may act on truck tolls

The New York State Thruway Authority board is scheduled to meet again next Monday. But there's still uncertainty whether they will finally act on a proposal to raise truck...  Go to full article
Barb Heller and Danny Gotham

New music for the holidays: "All Through the Night"

Long time friends and musical collaborators Barb Heller and Danny Gotham have a new CD for the holidays. Todd Moe caught up with the duo for the story behind All through...  Go to full article

Books: "London Underground"

Canton writer Chris Angus has written another historical thriller. In London Underground, a search for hidden treasures and artifacts leads several citizens beneath...  Go to full article