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Webster Police Chief Gerald Pickering and others speaking to reporters at a press conference Tuesday. Photo via WXXI.
Webster Police Chief Gerald Pickering and others speaking to reporters at a press conference Tuesday. Photo via WXXI.

Authorities learn more of Christmas Eve attack

Services have been set for the two Rochester-area volunteer firefighters ambushed and shot at a house fire set by an ex-convict.

Calling hours for Michael Chiapperini and Tomasz Kaczowka will be held at the local high school Friday evening and Saturday afternoon and evening.

Police say Christmas Eve gunman William Spengler had apparently mapped out a plan for the attack.  Go to full article
North Country Children's Clinic in Watertown. Photo via <a href=""> Facebook</a>

School-based clinics get HHS boost

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services awarded more than $5 million to school-based health centers in New York State last week.

The funding is part of an $80 million pot distributed to 197 centers around the nation.

Much of New York's share is coming upstate, including the North Country Children's Clinic in Watertown, NY.  Go to full article
The headstock of the guitar Tracy inlayed for the FarmAid 25th Anniversary concert.  John Mellencamp, Willie Nelson, Dave Matthews and Neil Young all played this guitar in the concert. Image courtesy Tracy Cox

Traditional techniques make modern instruments

This holiday week, we're taking a second listen to one of our favorite series of 2012. This May, we profiled people doing traditional work, including a North Country craftsman who builds stringed instruments and applies inlay to them in a way that is the same as it has been done for generations.

Joel Hurd, a guitar enthusiast himself, traveled to Parishville to meet Tracy Cox.  Go to full article
A researcher at Dr. Agris' lab at the University at Albany. Photo via <a href="">New York NOW</a>

SUNY Albany expands RNA research

Most of us know all about DNA, the genetic building blocks that make us unique. But in recent years, there's a lot of interest in RNA-- a molecule that controls how our genes...  Go to full article

Books: "Man of War"

What would it have been like to fight in the Roman Legion or row a cargo boat down the St. Lawrence River, or march to Stalingrad during World War II? Charlie Schroeder...  Go to full article