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Coming into Saraanc Lake on Route 3 in early evening of the first significant snowstorm of the season. Photo: Mark Kurtz
Coming into Saraanc Lake on Route 3 in early evening of the first significant snowstorm of the season. Photo: Mark Kurtz

Heavy snowfall brings "real winter"

Heavy snow fell through the night and early morning across much of New York State and Vermont in the first major winter storm this season.

The North Country, including parts of the St. Lawrence and Champlain valleys, and the Adirondacks, are expected to see the heaviest snow.

New York Gov. Andrew Governor Cuomo activated the state's Emergency Operations Center last night to monitor the storm's impact.

The National Weather Service has estimated that as much as a foot may have fallen overnight. Visibility is limited, and "severe" snow and ice conditions are reported on many roads and highways.  Go to full article
Paul Smiths College will ban all tobacco products, including chew and cigarettes, by August 2014.  (Photo: Wikipedia)

Tobacco ban at Paul Smiths College sparks debate

Paul Smiths College in the Adirondacks announced earlier this month that it plans to phase out the use of all tobacco products on its campus and on its affiliated properties.

That will include visitors to the nearby the Paul Smiths VIC, with its ski and hiking trails.

The change will happen over the next two years, with all tobacco products banned by August 2014.

Tobacco is a known carcinogen that kills nearly half a million Americans every year.  Go to full article
Photo: <a href="">Benjamin Stone</a> CC <a href="">some rights reserved</a>

Startup aims to simplify hospital admissions process

Prepping for surgery can be a long, paper-driven process. A patient often has to sit on the phone detailing their medical history for a nurse -- again. Now, a Syracuse-area start-up is taking that process digital, and seeing surprising results.  Go to full article
Bud Piserchia painting the nose on one of his mounts. Photo: Mark Kurtz

Traditional Work: Keene taxidermist masters paint, sculpture, stitchery

This week we're exploring the lives of people who do traditional work. These are arts and types of industry that people would have been using to make a living in our region a...  Go to full article
Cacao leaves have better disease resistance with the help of endophyte fungi. Photo: <a href="">Phong Tran</a>, CC <a href="">some rights reserved</a>

Natural Selections: Fungal Lurkers

Martha Foley and Dr Curt Stager discuss fungal lurkers--fungi that live inside plants. Fungal lurkers are a new discovery and scientists believe that this type of fungus...  Go to full article