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Gun deal is close in Albany

New details are emerging on gun control legislation that lawmakers say could be passed as early as today.

Senate co-leader Jeff Klein predicts that New York State could have the toughest in the nation gun control laws before Tuesday. That includes closing loopholes in the assault weapons ban and strengthened penalties for illegal guns.  Go to full article
Turbines at the Marble River wind farm in Clinton, NY. Photo: Sarah Harris

Wind company pulls out of Hammond

One of the world's largest wind power company is walking away from a project to build wind towers in the St. Lawrence County town of Hammond. Iberdrola of Spain says it's slowing down investment worldwide.

The plan generated bitter disputes in Hammond and several lawsuits to stop it.  Go to full article
Senator Charles Schumer announces the restoration of funding for low-volume and Medicare-dependent hospitals Friday at Lewis County General Hospital in Lowville. Photo: Joanna Richards

Schumer touts Lewis County rural hospital funding return

Democratic US Senator Charles Schumer was at Lewis County General Hospital on Friday, touting the return of funding for New York's rural hospitals.

The funding had been suspended for three months by Congress, and Schumer worked with Republican Senator of Iowa Charles Grassley to reinstate the funding as part of Congress's fiscal cliff deal.  Go to full article
US Sen. Charles Schumer. File photo: <a href="">Propublica</a> CC <a href="">some rights reserved</a>

Schumer: Sequestration could be "devastating"

New York Sen. Charles Schumer was in Lowville, in Lewis County, on Friday, to announce the restoration of funding for the state's rural hospitals as part of the fiscal cliff...  Go to full article
Pro-gun protest outside Gun Show in Saratoga Springs, 1/12/2013. Photo: <a href="">imaphotog</a>, CC <a href="">some rights reserved</a>

Saratoga gun show a flashpoint in weapons ban debate

Vice President Joe Biden is expected to deliver a comprehensive package of gun control recommendations to President Barack Obama tomorrow. According to The Associated Press,...  Go to full article
Sean Lennon and Yoko Ono join hyodr-fracking opponents in Albany. Photo: Karen DeWitt

Lennon, Ono lead opponents on last day of fracking comments

Activists opposed to hydraulic fracturing in New York, including Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon, attempted to present the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation...  Go to full article

NY State Assembly takes last-minute look at fracking

New York's Department of Environmental Conservation stopped accepting public comments on the state's revised regulations for hydraulic fracturing on Friday. The end of the...  Go to full article
Dan and Megan Kent's high tunnel on their farm near Heuvelton, NY. Photo: Todd Moe

New gear for gardeners

Seed catalogs have started to arrive, with plenty of ideas and new products for the coming growing season. High tunnels, low tunnels, irrigation all can be a bit...  Go to full article