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NY already bans high-capacity magazines, such as these displayed on an Arizona gun shop wall.  The legislature is now adding assault rifles to the list of banned assault weapons. Photo: <a href="">Mike Saechang</a> CC <a href="">some rights reserved</a>
NY already bans high-capacity magazines, such as these displayed on an Arizona gun shop wall. The legislature is now adding assault rifles to the list of banned assault weapons. Photo: Mike Saechang CC some rights reserved

NY Senate approves toughest-in-nation gun laws, Assembly to act today

UPDATE: The New York State Assembly took up the gun control package late this morning.

The New York state legislature is passing the toughest in the nation gun control laws, laid out by Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The Senate voted late Monday evening, with the Assembly expected to act Tuesday morning.  Go to full article
U.S. Rep. Bill Owens learns about Pioneer Windows at the company's manufacturing plant in Johnstown. Owens will have to give up his seat on the House Small Business Committee to take one on the Appropriations Committee. Photo courtesy Jon Boughtin, communications director for Bill Owens

A closer look at Bill Owens' big committee assignment

Bill Owens has only been in Congress for three years, but he recently rose to a point his predecessor, eight-term Congressman John McHugh, never reached: membership on the House's influential Appropriations Committee which oversees virtually all federal spending. It's considered to be one of the House's most powerful committees.

Owens, a Democrat from Plattsburgh, will be a minority member, but he's likely to be heavily courted by lobbyists from all corners of the country. He represents New York's 21st Congressional District, a vast region which includes most of the North Country.  Go to full article
Cody Baciuska, of Loomacres Wildlife Management, fires pyrotechnics into the sky to scare away Watertown's winter crow flock. Photo: Joanna Richards

Watertown scares away thousands of crows with pyrotechnics, noise

It's an eerie sight: Every winter, around dusk each night, a flock of between 20,000 and 30,000 crows gathers in the trees around the Black River in Watertown.

They can be a neat sight against the white winter landscape, but the city wants them gone. That's because they squawk and poop and generally annoy a lot of city residents. The city has hired a wildlife management company to disperse the birds.  Go to full article
A ship passes through the Massena locks. Photo: Brian Mann

2012 Seaway shipping up four percent

St. Lawrence Seaway officials have tallied the 2012 shipping numbers, and say they exceeded expectations for the year.

...  Go to full article

Massachusetts motor company brings new jobs to Glens Falls

New York Electric Motor Service, a small motor company based in Glens Falls, changed hands at the beginning of the year, and additional hiring is likely to follow.  Go to full article
A Common Pochard, a rare European duck, found among other ducks on Lake Champlain earlier this month.  Photo: Larry Master

A record season for counting birds in Saranac Lake

Record numbers of bird species were counted recently during the Christmas Bird Count in the Saranac Lake area. Larry Master, longtime birder and wildlife photographer, says...  Go to full article
A Hoary Redpoll sighted near Saranac Lake in early January. (photo: Larry Master)

Birding by the carload

Serious birders spend a lot of time looking for birds -- not just during the annual Christmas Bird Count. Joan Collins led a trek through St. Lawrence County on Sunday...  Go to full article