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Robert Schulz from Queensbury announcing his lawsuit in Albany. Photo: Karen DeWitt
Robert Schulz from Queensbury announcing his lawsuit in Albany. Photo: Karen DeWitt

Are court challenges to NY's tough gun law DOA?

Conservative activists, legal experts and many Republican lawmakers are gearing up to try to roll back key provisions of the New York SAFE Act.

That's the tough gun control law pushed through in January by Governor Andrew Cuomo, following deadly shootings in Connecticut and western New York.

The NY SAFE Act phases in a total ban on assault rifles and large ammunition clips. It also establishes strict new rules for buying and selling guns in New York.

At least two court battles are brewing over the new law. But experts say overturning the measure through legal action will be a long-shot.  Go to full article
Randy Douglas heads the Essex County board of supervisors

North Country counties move to oppose SAFE Act

Update, 1:30pm: Franklin County legislators passed a resolution Thursday morning opposing the SAFE Act.

Jefferson County is the latest North Country government to pass a resolution opposing New York's SAFE Act.

The Essex County Board of Supervisors also plans to take a stance on New York's new gun law, but not before lawmakers take the time to review it and draft a detailed response. Meanwhile, neighboring Franklin County legislators personally oppose the gun law but plan to hold public meetings on it before adopting a position.

These are two of only a few counties statewide that haven't passed formal resolutions opposing the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act.  Go to full article
Then Chief Jim Ransom introducing CITGO officials in 2006. Photo: David Sommerstein.

Story 2.0: Mohawks give thanks to Venezuela's Chavez

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez is stirring up as much controversy after his death as he did during his life.

Chavez was a strident opponent of the United States. But he also helped many poor people, even in the U.S.

Republicans slammed New York Democrat Jose Serrano yesterday for praising Chavez on this point. Under Chavez, Venezuela's national oil company, CITGO, donated 200 million gallons of home heating oil to low income Americans, including to Mohawks in Akwesasne.

David Sommerstein reported on the program in 2006. He checks back in for our Story 2.0 series, where we revisit stories from the NCPR archive.  Go to full article
Pending well permit applications for high-volume hydraulic fracturing. With the Assembly's new decision, drillers will have to wait at least two years. Image: Innovation Trail

NYS Assembly votes to ban fracking for at least two years

The New York State Assembly has approved, by a 95 to 40 vote, a two-year moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in New York. While it's unlikely to be passed in the Senate, the...  Go to full article
Pumpkinseed (top) vs. Bluegill. Photo: <a href="">Dept. of Environmental Protection MoCo, MD</a>

Natural Selections: Sunfish

A common sight is fresh water shallows, sunfish provide an excellent opportunity to observe fish behavior. Dr. Curt Stager talks with Martha Foley about the two main...  Go to full article
Some of the cast and crew of "Willy Wonka" on the set at Brasher Falls Central School.  Photo:  Todd Moe

They've got talent: It's spring musical season

The spring musical season kicks off this weekend at a number of high schools in the North Country. It's a busy time back stage and on stage with final rehearsals amid wet...  Go to full article