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The New York State Senate chamber. Photo: <a href="">JvL</a> CC <a href="">some rights reserved</a>
The New York State Senate chamber. Photo: JvL CC some rights reserved

Senate passes late-night budget

The New York State Senate finished up voting on the state budget in a middle-of-the-night session that ended at 4:30 yesterday morning. It's part of a long-standing Albany tradition of closed door negotiations and midnight voting on budgets and other issues.  Go to full article
Lunchtime in the mess hall. Photo: Natasha Haverty

Alternatives to Incarceration: into Shock prison

This week as part of our Prison Time Media Project, producer Natasha Haverty is looking at some of the approaches cash-strapped states are taking to try and cut prison their populations.

Yesterday, we began the story of Jeff, a young man from western New York who fell into serious drug addiction and broke into a pharmacy to feed his habit. After spending years cycling through drug courts, unable to stay off drugs, he was sent to prison here in the North Country.

"It's very true to say that I as given a great opportunity at drug court and I failed. I failed at drug court. I failed. I'm going to prison, for years. That's the lowest of the low, that's the lowest I can think of before death."

But unlike many other inmates, Jeff was sent to a shock prison in Moriah, in Essex County, which focuses on life skills training and rehabilitation. Part two of our series takes us to Moriah Shock and finds Jeff at the middle of his prison sentence.  Go to full article
Part of the 7.2 mile contaminated stretch of the Grasse. Photo: David Sommerstein.

Alcoa, Reynolds to pay $20M to clean up St. Lawrence

Alcoa and Reynolds Metals will pay almost $20 million to restore habitat and wildlife on the St. Lawrence River near Massena. The settlement ends a more than 20-year-old lawsuit spearheaded by the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe.  Go to full article
Bunchberry flower. Photo: <a href="">James Anderson</a>, CC some rights reserved

Natural Selections: Exploding Flowers

Some flowers open quickly, and some are even spring-loaded--like the venus fly trap--but the floral deployment speed record belongs to the lowly dogwood relative, the...  Go to full article
Laura Von Rosk's <i>Mt. Coleman</i>.  The gallery talk on Saturday at Tannery Pond Community Center (4 pm) will include video work from filmmaker Hilary Hudson and musician Henry Kaiser.  Photo: Laura Von Rosk

Exploring art and science at the bottom of the world

An artist and a scientist will unveil a new exhibit Saturday afternoon at the Tannery Pond Community Center in North Creek. AntARTica includes works by artist Laura...  Go to full article