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The six commissioners of the International Joint Commission took testimony from more than two dozen people last night in Alexandria Bay. Photo: David Sommerstein.
The six commissioners of the International Joint Commission took testimony from more than two dozen people last night in Alexandria Bay. Photo: David Sommerstein.

River residents give water levels plan thumbs up

There were no surprises last night at a public hearing in Alexandria Bay about managing water levels on Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. More than 150 area residents overwhelmingly supported a new plan that would restore wetlands, fish and wildlife, and lengthen the boating season.

The Jefferson and St. Lawrence county legislatures both support the plan. Assemblywoman Addie Russell spoke in favor, as did influential green group Save The River.

And there were no surprises the night before near Rochester, either, where residents of the south shore of Lake Ontario railed against the plan for the damage it could do to their property.

But as David Sommerstein reports, what emerged last night were personal stories that illustrate what's at stake, and the challenge the agency in charge of making the decision faces.  Go to full article
Last year's Adirondack Common Ground Alliance meeting, held in Long Lake, brought together some of the  Park's most influential leaders. Photo: Mark Kurtz

Adirondack factions meet in Newcomb, seeking "common ground"

Lt. Governor Bob Duffy is expected to be in Newcomb today for a meeting of the Adirondack Common Ground Alliance. The group meets each year to talk about ways that different factions in the Park can partner on projects.  Go to full article
At the scene of the crash in Antwerp that took six lives in July 2012. Photo: Joanna Richards

Driver charged in 2012 Antwerp crash that killed six

The driver of a tractor-trailer that killed six people in the town of Antwerp last July has been charged with misdemeanor reckless driving and three traffic infractions. WWNY-TV reports that James Mills pleaded not guilty to all the charges and was released.

Mills' vehicle reportedly plowed into a line of traffic stopped for paving work being done on Route 11, just north of Antwerp.  Go to full article
An Amish farm in St. Lawrence county. Photo: Sarah Harris

Amish farmers partner with Agri-Mark

Most of the North Country is losing population, and losing farms. But there's one group that keeps growing: Old Order Amish. They're drawn to the St. Lawrence Valley by the...  Go to full article
Common redshank, foraging on a mudflat, hunts better thanks to light pollution. Photo: <a href="">Stefan Berndtsson</a> Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Natural Selections: You're welcome, Mother Nature

Much of human activity has a big downside for the natural environment. But sometimes, the problems we pose to nature can give a leg up to certain species. Martha Foley and...  Go to full article
Canal Street String Band. Photo: Bill Gamble

Preview: Canal Street String Band

The Canal Street String Band features three musicians, 55 strings, and music spanning a couple of centuries. This Buffalo-based group will be playing three shows here in the...  Go to full article