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U.S. Rep. Bill Owens (D-Plattsburgh)
U.S. Rep. Bill Owens (D-Plattsburgh)

Owens: no "troops on the ground," undecided on Syria authorization

President Barack Obama is trying to convince Congress that the U.S. should take military action against Syria's regime. Administration officials say President Bashar Assad's forces used chemical weapons on their own people last month near Damascus.

After senior administration officials briefed dozens of members of Congress Sunday, there were some Republicans and Democrats who said they need more evidence.

In a statement over the weekend, North Country Congressman Bill Owens, a Democrat from Plattsburgh, said he's still "opposed to placing United States troops on the ground." But he said was "encouraged by the president's decision to seek Congressional authorization before carrying out any military action."  Go to full article
Iraq war veteran Josh Jones cracks the books. Photo: Mark Kurtz

For many veterans heading to college, a long road

College students are back in class across the North Country. That means all the fun rituals of campus life, settling into dorms with new roommates, joining clubs, coping with cafeteria food.

But college is also serious business, a chance for many young people to move up an economic ladder that, for many families, is a tough climb.

Last year, we profiled a group of military veterans studying at Paul Smiths College. The hope is that higher education can help former service-members making the transition from life in uniform to a decent career.

That series, produced in partnership with WBEZ-Chicago, was recognized this summer with a national award from the Public Radio News Director's association.

Here's Brian Mann's story that first aired in November.  Go to full article
Cows grazing at Bob Zufall's farm in Lisbon, NY. Photo: David Pynchon

Two farms, two very different views on sustainability

The term sustainability is now commonplace. Everything from furniture, to travel, to shopping at Walmart is described as "sustainable." Usage has stretched so far that it's hard to say what "sustainability" really is. defines sustainability as "supporting long term ecological balance." And Wikipedia says it is "the capacity to endure." We visited two North Country dairy farms, each with a very different philosophy, but both claiming to be sustainable.  Go to full article
Leek moth pupa on a garlic leaf. The larva of this invasive pest affects onions, garlic, leeks, chives and shallots. It was first discovered in the US in 2009 in a home garden in Plattsburgh, NY. Photo: <a href="">Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food</a>

Caterpillars and moths: pests to watch for

There IS always something.

Last week, Cornell Cooperative Extension sent...  Go to full article