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EJ Noble would be renamed Gouverneur Hospital in a new partnership with Canton-Potsdam Hospital. Photo by Julie Grant
EJ Noble would be renamed Gouverneur Hospital in a new partnership with Canton-Potsdam Hospital. Photo by Julie Grant

Gouverneur hospital to fold, join forces with Canton-Potsdam

A downward slide has ended for the small rural hospital in Gouverneur.

In a press release late yesterday, the chairs of the EJ Noble Hospital and Canton-Potsdam Hospital boards of directors announced the sale and dissolution of the small hospital after decades of financial struggles.

Most of EJ Noble's assets and services are expected to survive in a newly created two- hospital system led by nearby Canton-Potsdam Hospital. EJ Noble will be renamed Gouverneur Hospital.  Go to full article
NY Congressman Bill Owens at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for Fort Drum's Warrior Transition Battalion Complex in May 2012. Photo: Army Medicine, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

What Owens still needs to know before Syria vote

North Country Congressman Bill Owens says he needs more information before deciding whether to vote for or against military action against Syria.

The Democrat says he believes President Obama has demonstrated that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was behind a deadly chemical weapons attack in Syria last month.

Owens praises President Obama for seeking Congressional approval before authorizing military action against Syria. "There's been a fair amount of criticism against the executive branch over the last, probably, 30 or 40 years," says Owens, "for usurping Congress' prerogative relative to the declaration of war, so I thought this was a good move."

But how Owens will vote is another matter. He's still undecided. And he says he recognizes that Americans are weary of war.  Go to full article
Todd Phelps, owner of the Black River Adventurers Shop, Watertown, says he supports strictly limited U.S. intervention in Syria to punish President Bashar Assad's regime for its use of chemical weapons. He shared his views with Congressman Bill Owens during a recent bike ride the two shared in Watertown. Photo by Joanna Richards

Listen: North Country messages for the president

As President Obama makes his push this week to convince Congress to intervene in Syria, we asked north country residents what they think of the situation.

It's not just government that's debating military action in Syria. Yesterday reporter Sarah Harris went to the Mountain Mart and the Price Chopper and Miner Street parking lots in Canton to hear what people in the North Country think. Almost everyone she talked to said they want the U.S. to stay out of the conflict.

Joanna Richards talked with a pair of soldier's wives in a shop in Watertown's Public Square. They were trying on gowns for an Army ball, and said simply they didn't want their husbands to go away again. But other people she talked with also had strong opinions on the issue. One man said he'd tell President Obama to stay out.  Go to full article
Massive bonfires ring Great Sacandaga Lake, marking the end of summer.  (Photo:  Brian Mann)

On Great Sacandaga Lake, summer ends in a "Ring of Fire"

We all know that North Country summers end in ice. Labor Day weekend gives way to an all-too-short autumn, to longer nights, and then to the first snow.

But on...  Go to full article
Governor Andrew Cuomo at a New York Rising meeting in ALbany in July 2013. Photo: <a href="">NY Governor's Office</a>

Cuomo in Adirondacks today for New York Rising meeting

Governor Andrew Cuomo will be in the Adirondacks later this morning for a meeting of the New York Rising Committee.

That's a group that formed to help local...  Go to full article

Upstate business group pushes for tax cuts, fracking

An upstate pro-business group says regions of the state north of Westchester need special attention in the coming months to help the floundering economy. The group Unshackle...  Go to full article

Books: "The Allure of Deep Woods"

A Vermont writer's latest book focuses on his solo trek through one of the most remote parts of the Adirondacks. Todd Moe talks with Walt McLaughlin about The Allure of...  Go to full article