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[courtesy A Tribe Called Red - copyright]
[courtesy A Tribe Called Red - copyright]

Beats & politics at A Tribe Called Red's 'Electric Pow Wow'

Two weeks from tonight, one of ten artists will win Canada's biggest music award, the Polaris Prize. Previous winners include world-renowned acts Feist, Carabou and Arcade Fire.

One of the bands nominated on the Polaris short list is Native American DJ collective A Tribe Called Red. The three DJs are from Ottawa. They're transforming traditional aboriginal music, and in the process, building one of the hottest club nights in the city.

A Tribe Called Red mixes electronic dubstep beats with pow wow singing and drumming, and a big dose of politics. David Sommerstein profiled the group last year. Here's that story.  Go to full article
Ubu Ale: an artisan brew from Lake Placid Craft Brewing. Photo: <a href="">Tricia G.</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Can craft beer really boost North Country jobs?

Senator Charles Schumer and North Country congressman Bill Owens say a tax cut could boost the number of craft breweries in New York.

The two Democratic lawmakers are pushing legislation in Washington that would cut the national excise tax on smaller beer-makers by fifty percent.  Go to full article
Photo by Marie Cusick

Green groups worry about dwindling DEC budget

The Environmental Committee chairs in the legislature have proposed a $5 billion dollar environmental bond act, to be voted on in November 2014.

But, at an Assembly hearing on the state's environmental budget, advocates say they're more worried about dwindling staff at the Department of Environmental Conservation.  Go to full article
Aeration helps the lawn to "breathe" and to absorb moisture and nutrients. Photo: <a href="">Christian Guthier</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Tips for a timely lawn tune-up

It's a busy month for gardeners. You could be canning and/or freezing your produce. You could be cleaning out the spent plants and pulling the weeds again for the off-season....  Go to full article