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A methane dome is a recognizable part of an anaerobic digester system. Photo: <a href="">Dan Hartung</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved.
A methane dome is a recognizable part of an anaerobic digester system. Photo: Dan Hartung, Creative Commons, some rights reserved.

St. Lawrence co. dairy gets digester grant

A large dairy farm in St. Lawrence County is getting more than $400,000 for a methane digester. The grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture will help Woodcrest Dairy in Lisbon pay for the estimated $2.5-million project.  Go to full article
Business start-up loans will be harder to come by in Jefferson County, as the Industrial Development Agency's microenterprise loan fund dries up. Photo: JCIDA

Jefferson County startups will have harder time finding funds

Entrepreneurs in Jefferson County are going to have a harder time finding start-up money, now that a loan fund meant to help them is running low. That's good news and bad news.  Go to full article
Saranac Lake middle school students take the state standardized English language arts test in April 2012 in the school's gymnasium. Photo: Chris Knight via Adirondack Daily Enterprise

Senators hear more complaints about Common Core

New York State's Teacher of the Year testified at a Senate hearing that even she could not receive high marks in her teacher evaluation process, due to what she and others say is the dysfunctional implementation of the new Common Core standards.  Go to full article
Peter Sr., Peter Frenette, and Jennie Frenette at the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver. Photo: Frenette Family

Family's Olympic dream means sacrifice, extra jobs

For North Country athletes hoping to reach the Winter Olympics this February in Russia, these next few weeks can be nerve-wracking.

Coaches are still deciding who...  Go to full article
Serial killer Israel Keyes spent significant time in the North Country and Vermont and owned land in Franklin County.  The FBI is hoping the public can provide more information about his activities. Photo: Anchorage Police Department

FBI: Serial killer buried victim "near Tupper Lake"

FBI officials say they believe the serial killer Israel Keyes may have buried the body of one of his victims near the Adirondack town of Tupper Lake.

According to...  Go to full article
Originally a cliff-nesting species, pigeons have easily adapted to the man-made cliffs of urban environments. Photo: <a href="">Michael Zimmer</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Natural Selections: Pigeons and doves

Pigeons and doves, both domestic and feral, are the same species. Today's urban environment mimics their original favored habitat, seaside cliffs in Europe and Asia. ...  Go to full article