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Where drillers want to use hydrofracking in New York: pending well permit applications for high-volume hydraulic fracturing. Image: Innovation Trail
Where drillers want to use hydrofracking in New York: pending well permit applications for high-volume hydraulic fracturing. Image: Innovation Trail

Landowners plan suit over fracking delays

A landowners group says it intends to file a lawsuit against what it says are the Cuomo Administration's unreasonable delays on hydro-fracking before the end of the year.

The Joint Landowner's Association has raised nearly enough money to file a claim in State Supreme Court, says the group's attorney Scott Kurkoski. He says the suit will, in part, focus on New York State's unprecedented delay in a decision about fracking, which has now dragged on for over five years. He says numerous other states that now allow the gas drilling practice decided in anywhere from 8 to 24 months.  Go to full article
Abdullahi Majeni, Jeylani Semboga and Mganga Mbwera, help run a Somali-Bantu community group. Photo: Ryan Delaney<br />	<br />

Refugees pump life into post-industrial Utica

Utica has long seen itself as a city of immigrants. The arrival of Italians, Germans and Irish drove the city's population to peak at around 100,000. During the mid 1970's in the wake of major changes to the city's industrial base and dwindling employment opportunities, the population fell by nearly half.

"This city that we have now," said Joe Marino, a city councilor, "these new refugees really, really rebuilt the city."  Go to full article
Lake Mohonk. Photo: Jenna Flanagan, Innovation Trail

Rethinking water resources to combat climate change

Catastrophic storms like Irene, Lee and super storm Sandy ravaged much of the Hudson River watershed with flooding and erosion. Environmental advocates and policy makers say that's evidence that climate change is having a major impact on the quantity and quality of the region's water supplies.

Stakeholders joined the Hudson River Watershed Alliance and Mohonk Consultations for a conference in New Paltz last week. They called for communities to seize this 'watershed moment' while admitting that changing existing attitudes towards water management can take a long time.  Go to full article
The majority of the plastic that Mason and her team found were tiny pieces called microplastics. Photo: 5 Gyres

Microplastics a problem in the Great Lakes

Plastics are a part of modern life--they're in everything. Plastics are even in our skin care products. Exfoliating beads called microbeads in many facial scrubs are made...  Go to full article
Don't forget to water your fall plantings. Photo: <a href="">Sarah Horrigan</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Odds and ends in the garden

Most of us backyard gardeners have probably turned our energy to annual jobs like putting up storm windows and bringing in firewood. But there are still odds and ends of...  Go to full article
Raoul Bhaneja as Hamlet. Photo: Andrew Kenneth Martin

Theatre Review: "Hamlet (solo)" at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa

You've never seen a Hamlet like this. It concentrates on the actor, the text and the audience. If you decide to give it a try, it would be helpful to re-read...  Go to full article