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For information about the three companies offering renewable energy through
your Niagara Mohawk bill:

Community Energy, 50% Wind/50% Hydro, 866-WIND-123.

Green Mountain Energy, 85% Hydro/15% Wind, 800-286-5856.

Sterling Planet, 30% Wind/20% Hydro/50% Biomass, 770-408-7025.

How energy is certified as "green."

The public interest group Public Citizen reviewed green energy products a few years ago. Read the executive summary of Green Buyers Beware by Nancy Rader

Niagara Mohawk's power sources for 2001, according to the company's public relations department...

Hydropower: 33%
Nuclear: 33%
Natural Gas: 17%
Coal: 10%
Oil: 5%
Biomass: 1%
Wind: <1%
Solid Waste: <1%
Solar: 0%

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