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Green Initiatives in the Private Sector

The Adirondack Nature Conservancy
Listen to story. (6:44)
A profile of an Adirondack group that is pioneering in the area of public/private partnerships for environmental protection.

A Postcard from South Bay
Listen to story. (6:03)
A visit to "The Diameters" along the South Bay of Lake Champlain, an area of surprising and unique habitat protected by the Conservancy.

“Green Certified” Business in the Adirondacks: Profile of Domtar
Listen to story. (8:41)
Domtar, a pulp and paper company based in Canada, is one of the Adirondacks' largest private landowners. It's betting that "green certified" lumber can be profitable both to its stockholders and to the environment.

“Green Certified” Business in the Adirondacks: Saranac Hollow Woodworking
Listen to story. (4:12)
Green Certification works for smaller businesses, too. Saranac Hollow Woodworking is a small shop in the town of Saranac specializing in modern furniture and cabinet design—using green-certified lumber.

Trading Pollution Credits
Listen to story. (5:16)
The national system of pollution credit trading is a big success for the power utilities, but critics say it needs some changes to address acid rain issues in the Adirondacks and throughout the Northeast.

Brian Mann reports on businesses in the Adirondacks that are embracing private sector green initiatives. It’s a new kind of management that weds profits with a healthy environment.

This series won a 2001 First Place award in the Investigative / Enterprise category from Public Radio News Directors Incorporated.