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Special Reports: 2002

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A Fading Tradition: The November Hunt For Whitetail Deer
In the north country, deer hunting is a family tradition. The passion and the skills are passed along through generations, usually from father to son. But these days, many hunters worry that their tradition is fading.
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Napoleon's Brother in the North Country
David Sommerstein visits the historic Benton House in the town of Oxbow in Jefferson County, the former home of Joseph Bonaparte's extramarital daughter.
Election 2002 Special
Candidates for Races in the 118th and 122nd Assembly Districts Debate
In this debate at the Northside Improvement League in Watertown, October 15, each candidate was asked a series of questions to which they gave two-minute replies.
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Clearing Trail
Betsy Kepes spends her summers out of the North Country, working a fire spotter in a tower out west. Recently, her family accompanied her for a summer clearing trail.
Photo/Audio Essay
Inside Dark Island's Castle
On the St. Lawrence River near Chippewa Bay, a representative for the buyers of Dark Island and its historic castle gave David Sommerstein a peek of what visitors could see as early as next summer.
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Summer at the Seagle Music Colony
For 87 years, the Seagle Music Colony in the eastern Adirondacks has offered talented young singers a secluded summer haven to polish their skills.
Call-in Program Working on the Railroad
A call-in recollecting the labor and lives of North Country rail workers. (Real 58:51)
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Superfund and Brownfield Sites in St. Lawrence County
Jody Tosti surveys the 20 Superfund toxic sites in St. Lawrence County.
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Vikings at the Museum of Civilization
Todd Moe tours the new Vikings exhibit at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Hull, Quebec, and chats with two Norwegian experts on Viking culture.
UpNorth Forum
Paul Hawken on Natural Capitalism
Author and businessman Paul Hawken envisions a new kind of economy, one that protects natural resources, creates more jobs, and gives businesses a competitive advantage.
Photo Audio Essay
Return from Afghanistan
NCPR News talks with Ft. Drum soldiers and families.
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10th Mountain Peacekeepers in Kosovo
David Sommerstein spends a week living and patrolling with 10th Mountain Division troops on a peacekeeping mission in the Serbian province of Kosovo.
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Winter Camping in the Adirondack High Peaks
The Adirondacks' High Peaks can be a hard place to find peace and quiet during the busy summer months. Many people choose the winter to get their fix for solitude among New York's tallest mountains. Winter camping offers unique pleasures and sometimes, unexpected perils. Brian Mann and David Sommerstein got plenty of both on a late winter expedition to Lake Colden and Algonquin Peak.
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Literacy and Illiteracy in the North Country
In this special series, North Country Public Radio examines what literacy is, how it’s achieved, why it isn’t, and the impact illiteracy has on our region and people.
Photo Audio Essay
Massena at 200: A Walking Tour
John Michaud III, a local writer and historian, has published the first bicentennial history of Massena, called Yesterday in Massena: A Bicentennial Celebration 1802-2002. He and David Sommerstein took a walk down Massena’s Main Street to see how the town has changed.
Photo Audio Essay
Protecting the Tug Hill Plateau: Fish Creek
Last summer, New York State, the Nature Conservancy, and a Boston-based timber company announced a plan to preserve 45,000 acres of forest on the Tug Hill Plateau. David Sommerstein visited the “East Branch of Fish Creek Working Forest” to see how the plan is shaping up.
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Gary Randorf: Wild Adirondack Photography
Gary Randorf is one of the region's veteran photographers. His new book is called The Adirondacks: Wild Island of Hope. Brian Mann talked with him on a shoot in the Dix Mountain Wilderness.
Photo/Audio Essay
UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter--The Iraqi Threat: How Real Is It?
Scott Ritter, former chief weapons inspector for the United Nations Special Commission in Iraq, in a recent North Country Tour, made the case against unilateral military action in Iraq.
Photo Audio Essay
Dairy Farming in the North Country
The time seemed right to look at the challenges facing dairy in the North Country. In part 1 we look at the price of milk, as seen through the eyes of one mid-size dairy farmer. In part 2 we visit a cheese manufacturer proposing drastic changes in the way North Country farmers do business. David Sommerstein reports.
Photo 'Blog
Anna Benvenuto in Naru, Japan
The online journal of Anna Benvenuto, a recent college graduate from Potsdam, NY, teaching for a year in a small secondary school on the island of Naru in the Gotos chain of southern Japan.
Photo Audio Essay
President Bush Visits Fort Drum
President Bush pumped up military personnel at Fort Drum near Watertown Friday, July 19, 2002. He toured the base and reviewed military maneuvers by the 10th Mountain Division troops.
Photo Audio Essay
Restoring the Common Tern Once plentiful along the St. Lawrence, the common tern is now threatened. David Sommerstein joins volunteers creating artificial nesting habitat using Seaway navigational markers.
Photo Audio Essay
A Hike Up the Red Sandstone Trail
David Sommerstein hikes a new trail under construction along the Raquette River near Potsdam.
Photo 'Blog
Our Man in Cannes
The online road journal of Alexei Boulokhov, a St. Lawrence University student interning at the Cannes Film Festival and travelling through Europe this summer.
Photo Audio Essay
President Bush: Earth Day in the Adirondacks
President George Bush was met with hospitality & protests while celebrating Earth Day in the Adirondacks. Brian Mann reports from Wilmington.
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A Journey to Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
In the US Senate debate over the country's energy plan, New York's senators oppose plans to drill for oil in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Brian Mann spent a month in the Alaskan wilderness to research this half-hour documentary report.
Photo Audio Essay
Following the monarchs Home: Mexican Butterfly Sanctuaries at Risk
Travel with Brian Mann to the narrow stretch of rugged mountains of in Central Mexico where the North Country's monarch butterflies winter in a small area endangered by subsistence farming and illegal logging.

Related story: Reading from a new book on the monarch butterfly by North Creek writer Sue Halpern, Four Wings and a Prayer.
Photo Audio Essay
Red Grandy, Cold War Photographer
As a still photographer with Stars and Stripes, the daily newspaper for military personnel abroad, "Red" Grandy's subjects ranged from Khruschev to French orphans, from bullfights to unexploded napalm bombs, from presidents to starlets to Muhammed Ali.
Photo Audio Essay
Snow Art in St. Regis Falls
A team from Dickinson Center won the 2002 New York State Snow Sculpting Competition in St. Regis Falls yesterday. Jody Tosti, an NCPR Team sculptor, spoke with some of her rivals.
Photo Audio Essay
Red Grandy, Covering the Sarajevo Olympics for Stars & Stripes
He had no press credentials, and no pass to get into Yugoslavia, but a story is a story, so Red packed a car with all his gear, and crashed the Iron Curtain.
Audio Series
Looking for the North Country
NCPR and TAUNY, Traditional Arts of Upstate New York, spent October 2000 exploring the place, the people and the culture we call the North Country.

Award-Winning News


The 8 O'Clock Hour, NCPR News
First Place, Division B, Daily Program: Public Radio News Directors, Inc.

Brian Mann
First Place, Class 3, General Excellence of Individual Reporting: New York State Associated Press Broadcasters Association

North Country Prisons: Inside and Out, Brian Mann
First Place, Division B, Continuing Coverage: Public Radio News Directors, Inc
First Place, Class 3, Continuing News Coverage: New York State Associated Press Broadcasters Association
Best Radio Investigative Story: Syracuse Press Club

Green Initiatives in the Private Sector, Brian Mann
First Place, Division B, Enterprise/Investigative: Public Radio News Directors, Inc

Balancing Justice in the North Country, Martha Foley, Brian Mann and Todd Moe
First Place, Division B, Series: Public Radio News Directors, Inc
First Place, Class 3, News Series: New York State Associated Press Broadcasters Association
Golden Reel, Pre-produced Local Public Affairs Programming: National Federation of Community Broadcasters
Best Radio Public Affairs: Syracuse Press Club

NORAD Santa, David Sommerstein
First Place, Class 2, News Special/Documentary: New York State Associated Press Broadcasters Association
First Place Human Interest Feature: Syracuse Press Club

CKON Speaks Mohawk, David Sommerstein
First Place, Class 3, Feature: New York State Associated Press Broadcasters Association

Old-Timers's Hockey, Todd Moe
First Place Sports Feature: Syracuse Press Club
Special Mention, Class 3, Sports Coverage: New York State Associated Press Broadcasters Association

Leonara Barry: First Voice for Working Women, Joel Hurd, Betsy Kepes
Best Radio Documentary: Syracuse Press Club
Special Mention, Class 3, News Special/Documentary: New York State Associated Press Broadcasters Association

John Brown Commemoration, Brian Mann
Silver Reel, Local Special Event Coverage: National Federation of Community Broadcasters

Back-to-the-Landers, Jody Tosti
Special Mention: Human Interest Feature: Syracuse Press Club