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Not Quite Ready for Bioterrorist Attack

Since 9/11, emergency responders have been practicing for new kinds of emergencies. In addition to fires and hazardous materials spills, emergency personnel have been training to deal with terrorist attacks. Recently, the Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Lester Graham was allowed behind the scenes in a terrorism attack training exercise.  Go to full article

Green Conscience vs. Green Consumerism

Most of us are conflicted when it comes to the environment. Polls show the majority of us consider ourselves to be environmentally-friendly. But, our day-to-day decisions often don't measure up to an earth-friendly lifestyle. Part of the reason is that there's lots of confusion about what's best for the environment. Another reason is that being earth-friendly is pretty darned inconvenient. In the first report of an ongoing series we're calling "Your Choice; Your Planet," the Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Lester Graham explores the dilemmas we face when we attempt to do right by the environment.  Go to full article

Farm Advocates In Adirondacks Say the Future is Local

On Wednesday, a group of farmers and local leaders from the Adirondacks traveled to Quebec. They made the trip to learn about strategies for developing and marketing local produce, everything from organic wheat to apple wine. Tom Both is supervisor in the town of Keene and heads a group called Adirondack Harvest. He spoke with Brian Mann about what he describes as a renaissance for the region's farms and orchards.  Go to full article

Radioactive Fuel Rods Still Missing from Vermont Nuclear Plant

Three weeks of searching hasn't turned up any evidence of the missing highly radioactive fuel rod pieces at the Vermont Yankee plant. Jody Tosti has more.  Go to full article

A 'Dimmer' View of Climate Change

You've probably heard about global warming, maybe also climactic cooling. Scientists have identified another phenomenon called 'global dimming'. They say the world is...  Go to full article

Whiteface Plan Includes Day-Use Rental Cabins

The Adirondack Park Agency is poised to approve a new plan for the ski area at Whiteface Mountain. The most controversial addition will be a series of rental day-use cabins....  Go to full article

"Got Milk?" Campaign Provokes Lawsuit

Dairy farmers across the country contribute part of their paychecks into a government program which pays for a national advertising campaign. Supporters say the "Got Milk?"...  Go to full article

Tracking Money Trail of Dirtiest Power Plants

A study by two environmental groups finds close ties between the Bush campaign and some of the top polluters in the power plant industry. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's...  Go to full article

Tour de Burn Barrel Visits Albany

A bill now circulating in the state legislature would ban the open burning of trash and other toxic materials in rural communities around the state. The legislation is backed...  Go to full article

Court Case Still Affecting Polluters

Thirty years ago, a court case on the far reaches of Lake Superior changed the balance of power between polluters and the government. For the first time ever, a judge issued...  Go to full article

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