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SUV Hybrids On The Horizon

The world's largest automaker says it will offer hybrid engines on pickup trucks beginning this fall. The new type of engine is a combination of gasoline and electric motors. General Motors says it will expand its hybrid offerings to several types of vehicles during the next four years. Other automakers are also adding hybrids to their product lines. But as the Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Michael Leland reports, GM says it will need help making the hybrid program a success.  Go to full article

Drivers Turn to Car Sharing

Cars are among the largest polluters in the world. They contribute to the smog that hangs over many large cities and they're a major culprit in the creation of greenhouse gas emissions. But most of us are reluctant to give up our cars altogether. As Karen Kelly reports, a growing number of North Americans are opting to share a car instead.  Go to full article

Wetlands Policy Leaves Some High and Dry?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers recently announced plans to change their policies on enforcing the Clean Water Act on some wetlands. The move is in
response to a Supreme Court decision that puts limits on the federal government's jurisdiction over wetlands. Some environmental advocates are concerned the move will put millions of acres of wetlands in jeopardy. The Great Lakes Radio
Consortium's Jonathan Ahl reports.  Go to full article

Native Americans Weigh Contaminated Fish Risks

There's a trend among some Native Americans. They're trying to return to more traditional diets. Many believe various health problems among indian populations are due, in...  Go to full article

Increase in Households Pressures Environment

An increase in the number of households throughout the world is threatening the environment, according to new research in the scientific journal Nature. The Great Lakes...  Go to full article

Protecting Children From Tainted Fish

The people most at risk from contaminants in fish often don't know it. Different chemicals found in fish from many inland lakes, including the Great Lakes, can be harmful to...  Go to full article

The Complexities of Issuing Fish Advisories

There are three major questions often asked when considering the environmental health of a body of water. Can you drink the water? Can you swim in it? And, can you eat the...  Go to full article

Climate Change Affecting Backyard Wildlife

A recent study in the scientific journal Nature suggests that effects of global warming can be seen in people's backyards. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Erin...  Go to full article

States' Air Quality Rules Tough Enough?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has approved rules to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions in the Midwest. Environmentalists say in some states the rules aren't strong...  Go to full article

State Land Deal Unveiled: 4,000 Acres Protected Near Long Lake

Governor George Pataki has quietly agreed to spend more than two million dollars buying recreation and conservation easements on a chunk of land near Long Lake. The deal...  Go to full article

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