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Sexual Identity

This is a real sea change in the way we see human relations, and we absolutely have a religious obligation to respond to it.

Religious leaders make the case for gay marriage in Albany

Advocates for same sex marriage in New York got a boost from over 700 members of the clergy, as Governor Cuomo says he's optimistic that a bill can become law this year. In Albany, Karen DeWitt has more:  Go to full article
Legislators, just like other people, think about this issue, evolve on this issue.

Cuomo aids push for same-sex marriage

Advocates for same sex marriage are launching an all out effort to legalize gay marriage in New York before the legislative session ends. And they're getting a big assist from Governor Andrew Cuomo. Karen Dewitt reports from Albany.  Go to full article

GLBT film festival to address school bullying

NCPR is media sponsor for this weekend's "Out at the Movies" film festival . The film series explores aspects of and issues in the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. One of the films addresses bullying in school, and will include a workshop for students, teachers and staff. Todd Moe talks with Jenny Betz, Education Manager for GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network. She'll lead a workshop on safe schools for all students at Potsdam Central School on Saturday.  Go to full article
Gov Cuomo delivering his State of the State address.

Cuomo in step with Dems on social issues

Much of the focus in the first two weeks of Governor Andrew Cuomo's term has been on the state's financial crisis, and the new governor's fiscally conservative prescriptions:...  Go to full article
Rep.-elect Chris Gibson during deployment in Haiti. Photo: Gibson campaign

After their own service, Gibson and Owens divided on Don't Ask Don't Tell

In the coming months, rank-and-file service-members will be dealing with big changes in the military culture, now that don't-ask-don't-tell has been repealed.

Two...  Go to full article

Fort Drum wrestles with end of Don't Ask Don't Tell

President Obama is expected to sign the measure repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell tomorrow. The Senate voted to end the 17 year-old policy barring gays or lesbians from military...  Go to full article

Paladino apologizes, Dems not impressed

Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino apologized yesterday for anti-gay comments but Democrats were not impressed. The apology came two days after the first...  Go to full article
The Rev. Jane Spahr.

"The Stories Cry Out:" a minister advocating for equality in her mainline church

The Rev. Jane Spahr is a Presbyterian minister who has spent the last 30 years advocating for equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in the Presbyterian...  Go to full article

Owens supports gays in military; wants more jobs legislation

Hearings are underway in Washington on ending the controversial "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy on gays in the military. President Obama sent his top military leaders to the...  Go to full article
Chris Craddock and Nathan Cuckow, Photo by Alan Dean.

Theatre Review: "Bash'd! A Gay Rap Opera" at GCTC

Bash'd! A Gay Rap Opera runs at GCTC in Ottawa through January 31. Resident theatre critic Connie Meng was at the opening night and has this review.  Go to full article

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